The holidays you've always dreamt of....



(Carve gybes and radical improvement!)

We've been to Dahab for the past three years in May and have a 100%

wind record. Whatever the world is getting up to, Dahab will be windy for

the week from May 11th, so be there!

If you are worried about your safety travelling the world right now (or

more likely if your partners are worried about you), rest assured Dahab has

more checkpoints than Tescos and is further away from Cairo than Lands End

is from London. A truly wonderful venue full of good people and a shit load

of wind!

Price: £660 including flights, B&B accommodation, transfers

and 24/7

INtuition coaching.



(Carve gybing and beyond for those of you already in harness and footstrap(s))

Tarifa is the wind capitol of Europe in southern Spain, dripping with

tapas, olive oil and sherry culture, where I spent most of my years working

on sail design and training for the World Cup (back in the good old days.)

I can not wait to get back there to show you guys around the best bars and

restaurants in the village and help you experience the infamous Levante winds.

Rumours that Tarifa is hard core came from the days before loose leeches

and quality motors. There is every chance weâ Tll get a day or two of


weather, but in June the chances are it will be 5m 7m weather, in a light

wetsuit or shorts.

Price: £599 including flights, B&B accommodation, car hire

and 24/7

INtuition coaching with Guy.

ALACATI, TURKEY June 30th and July 7th

INTUITION ROOKIES and DUDES, Alacati June 30th

(Waterstarting, footstraps and harness, easy stance, tacking, gybing and

good times for beginners and intermediates)


(Waterstarting, carve gybing, footstraps and harness, easy stance, upwind,

tacking, freestyling and the whole shebang for intermediates and advanced.)

This will be our third year of INtuition courses in the perfect windsurfing

venue of Alacati; with waist deep warm water for two hundred metres from

the beach, regular winds and Turkish coffee amongst other culinary

delights. (See our travel feature in Boards mag Jan/Feb 2003)

Price: £595 including flights, B&B accommodation, transfers

and 24/7

INtuition coaching.


Plans are underway for an early September special somewhere sunny, a late

September INtuition INtensive Weekend and of course the classic Ireland

Surf God courses running back to back prime time in mid October!


Another cracker of a tour with all the INtuition techniq tips and test

drives on the latest toys from Neil Pryde and JP Australia.

Check out the dates below and book early for good vibes and quality coaching.

May 31 Ski Surf, WEST MERSEY, 10:30am 1:30pm &/or 2pm 5pm, Rob/Howard

01206 502000

June 1 Wet n Dry, SOUTHEND, 11am 5pm, Graham/Jamie 01268 569988


17 Riks Windsurfing, RUTLAND Water, 2pm 6pm, Rik/Rebecca 01954 231 768

18 Kent Windsurfing, SHEPPEY, 2pm 6pm, Mike/Sue 01634 376350

19 Queen Mary Sailsports, LONDON 5pm 9pm, Charles 01784 248881

20 Astbury Sailsports, CHESHIRE, 2pm 6pm, Ali 01260 297172

21 Funsport, ANGLESEY, 115pm Bucky 01407 810899

22 Robin Hood Watersports, LEEDS, 10:30am 1:30pm &/or 2pm 5pm,

Graham/Richard 01924 444888

23 Boardwise, CARSINGTON Resevoir, 2pm 6 pm, Ian/Doug 01543 505084

24 Windtek, WEYMOUTH, 2pm 6pm, John 01305 787900

25 West Country Watersports, TRURO 10:30am 1:30pm &/or 2pm 5pm Pete/Rob

01872 275342

26 Wet n Windy, AXBRIDGE Resevoir, 2pm 6pm, Eddie/Bob 0117 966 9582

27 FC Watersports, POOLE Harbour, 11am 2pm, Gary/Dave 01202 707757

28 Solent Sailbords, CALSHOT, 10:30am 1:30pm &/or 2pm 5pm, Rob/Tom 02380


29 Andy Biggs Windsurfing, HAYLING Island, 1:30pm 5:30pm Ed/Andy 02392 467755

INtuition INtensive Weekends:

July 26/27 Nobles, RUTLAND Water, Notts, Glen/ John/ Bee 01509 881958

Aug 9/10 Ski Surf, Alton Water, COLCHESTER, Rob/ Howard 01206 502000

Aug 30/31 On Board, Draycote Water, RUGBY, Vic 01788 814418

Sept 26/27 TBA


All our courses feature our unique Core Skills (currently trying to be

pillaged by other windsurfing coaches and instructors), our highly evolved

approach to teaching using INtuition Muscle Memory (also being slapped

together by the nonbelievers) and an unsurpassed patience and enjoyment of

the sport delivered by Guy and Shawna in their transAtlantically different

styles, 24/7. Clearly, the best coaching.

Windsurfing Demo Weekend

7th / 8th June

Starboard, Fanatic, Mistral, F2, Bic.

Tushingham, Gaastra, North, Arrows.

Whats on:

Whatever the weather

· Tandem Tower Dash (On the Saturday) - Prizes supplied by the importers.

· Talk sessions - John Hibbard on wave sailing, Mat Wemms on Formula


· Mistral Trance fun races.

Wind permitting

· Hypersonic Tower Dash - Prizes supplied by Starboard

· Techno fun slalom

· Screamer Tower Dash - Prizes supplied by Mistral

· Formula / Race board Racing

Beach Party on Saturday Night

Bar and Disco 7pm til Midnight

Tickets £2 All proceeds to the

RNLI (Beachwear Optional)

Introduction to Racing on Grafham Water

Saturday 24th May 10.30am to 4.00 pm

Hosted by Graham Colam

( Team 15 coach , RYA Club Level Race Coach)

Morning : Talk by Graham about the basics of racing . Including starting

procedures race tactics etc.

Afternoon: Equipment tuning then on the water to do some start routines and

complete some basic short race courses.

Basic Skill level requirements:Ranging from someone who can do basic tacks

, aware of the concept of a gybe up to an experienced sailor who has never

raced before.

Equipment needed: Any board 150 litres in volume + , raceboards - basically

anything that will work in light up to moderate winds. Rig size is up to

the individual.

£20 per person maximum of 10 places available