Windsurfing Euro-Cup Porto Santo/Madeira (Portugal)

Daily Report


Arnon Dagan wins two races and attacks the Leader Kevin Pritchard

Porto Santo/Madeira (Portugal), 04 April 2003. After the three races on the

first day the wind returned again to the bay of Porto Santo. Today the wind

was stronger and more consistant with 10 to 15 knots.

During the morning three races were sailed. The first race was dominated by

Arnon Dagan (ISR-1, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) who was able to win in front of his

team mate Steve Allen (AUS-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde). After a bad start the leader

of current event ranking Kevin Pritchard (US-3, Starboard, Gaastra) managed

roll up the field and returned on place#3. The Portuguese local Joao Rodriguez

(POR-75, Starboard, Neil Pryde) was able to beat Danish Dynamite Brian Roegild

(DEN-173, Starboard, Gaastra) and conquered place 4.

Race#5 was started directly back to back. The wind has accelerated providing

a more powerful breeze for the racers. World Champion Kevin Pritchard managed

to strike back and won this race against the light wind expert Arnon Dagon from

Israel who got second in front of his team mate Ben van der Steen (NED-57, Fanatic,

Neil Pryde). Steve Allen completed the success for Fanatic and Neil Pryde with

his fourth place. Again Joao Rodriguez managed to achieve a TOP-5 position.

The third race of the day (race#6) was again started back to back without a

break. During the start the wind picked up to over 15 knots but during the race

it started to slow down again. It was again a success for Kevin Pritchard. The

Starboard-Rider dominated this race. Again he was followed by the Fanatic/Neil

Pryde-Armada that made a strong impression at the kick-off event of the season.

Arnon Dagan made again the best out of the conditions and defended his 2nd place

against the Australian Steve Allen and the Dutch Ben van der Steen. On the 5th

position we found Ramses Landman (NED-72, F2, Neil Pryde) who made a great impression

at this regatta and marked not only his comeback to the top racers after many

injuries but also the comeback for F2 as a competetive brand with the new courseracer

FX100-X that was able to score already a victory at the first regatta where

it took part.

Then the competitors were send ashore for a break to have a chance to relax,

drink, eat and check their equipment. After the break the competitors were send

to the water again at 14:45 for race#7. The wind remained steady at 10 to 12

knots. The 7th race was dominated by a great fight between Arnon Dagan and Kevin

Pritchard. The Israeli was leading at the upwind mark but on the downwind he

was overtaken by the FW World Champion. At the bottom mark the fin of Kevin

Pritchard broke which threw him out of the race. So the road was free for Arnon

Dagans second triumph today.On the second place followed Ramses Landmann in

front of Brian Roegild.Steve Allen was able to defend the fourth place aginst

attacks from his team mate Ben van der Steen.

After two days and seven races with two discards Kevin Pritchard (US-3, Starboard,

Gaastra) is leading with 5.8 points in front of Arnon Dagan (ISR-1, Fanatic,

Neil Pryde) with 7.4 points. The third positioon is occupied by Steve Allen

(AUS-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) (12,4 points) in front of Ramses Landman (NED-72,

F2, Neil Pryde (16,7 points) and Ben van der Steen (NED-57, Fanatic, Neil Pryde

(22,0 points).

The Windsurfing Euro-Cup Porto Santo/Madeira continues until Sunday, 06 April


You can find more information and follow the competition online on the official

Website of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup and on the FW Class Website .