On the 05th May in over 50 destinations throughout Britain, SAS's vision is

set to be materialised, as hundreds of people swim together on the same day.

Making one big splash, by taking part in SAS's first ever National Sponsored

swim. Thus raising vital funds which will enable SAS to continue with our fight

for a cleaner aquatic environment.

The water environment has become increasingly accessible to all ages and all

sectors of the population and beaches, rivers and lakes are more heavily utilised

now than ever before, with over 20 million people using British waters.

SAS want to ensure that Whenever, Whatever and Wherever you choose to partake

in leisure activities, you are safe in and around the waters. When serious health

risks are present, SAS want the information displayed so that the public have

the chance to make an educated decision not an ignorant one.

The health risk can be removed and you have the right to see that it happens


If you are interested in taking on a challenge, dive on in and set yourself

a target. You can swim 5 to 500 lengths or more.... it's up to you !!! Embrace

it as a mission , help us make not just ripples, but waves of awareness. All

swimmers will receive a thankyou certificate, and prizes will be awarded to

those raising over £10 or more. Those interested in taking part in this

event in your area, should contact Natasha at SAS on 0845 458 3001.

Did you know that the total amount of sewage that is discharged daily around

the British mainland coast is enough to fill 546 Olympic swimming pools.

He who cares Swims !!!!!