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1. Athlete Particpation Programme 2003 - ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship

2. Racing Rules of Sailing - Creating a Level Playing Field for Rule 42 - Propulsion

3. ISAF Classification Code

4. ISAF Mid-Year Meetings

5. IFDS Executive Board Meeting

6. ISAF Sailor

7. IOC Approves Logo for 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing

8. International OK dinghy World Championhips, Nitin Mongia (IND) Makes History

9. World Sailing Speed Records Council

10. Athens 2003 Regatta

11. 2003 World Champions

12. Member National Authorities

13. ISAF Classes

14. News Round Up

15. Forthcoming Events

16. Your Input to Making Waves


2003 is the second year ISAF has committed to provide funding to support the attendance of sailors at ISAF Events, with funding towards travel and entry fees provided for sailors from 12 countries at the 2003 ISAF Youth Worlds in Madeira, Portugal. The funding is aimed at sailors from those countries who have not previously participated in ISAF events, sailors from developing sailing countries and those where the financial costs make participation prohibitive.

At the close of applications on 26 March 2003, 59 applications from 22 countries had been received at the ISAF Secretariat. ISAF was overwhelmed by the response, and as result had to apply a strict criteria in order to consider the applications and filter those which would receive funding.

Of first priority were those nations who had not previously participated at the ISAF Youth Worlds, and ISAF is delighted to be funding the travel and entry fee for one sailor from each of the Cook Islands, Cyprus, Pakistan, Puerto Rico and Samoa - ensuring the inaugural appearance of these countries.

Second priority of funding went to those countries who may otherwise have been prevented from sending sailors for financial reasons, and this selection was based on the ISAF subscription category of the respective country. Applying this criteria, ISAF was pleased to confirm funding to cover 50% of the travel and entry costs of one sailor from each of Algeria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Estonia, Guam and Tahiti.

It was ISAF's wish that the funding provided be meaningful and a significant amount be given to a few countries, rather than a small amount being given to many, hence only 12 of the 22 countries that applied received funding. However, for those countries that were granted funding, but had made multiple applications to the programme, the decision as to whether the funding provided by the Athlete Participation Programme 2003 be allocated to an individual sailor or spread across the applications made remains with the respective Member National Authority (MNA).

Coaching support will be provided to both those sailors on the Athlete Participation Programme and all sailors who are at the Youth Worlds by Jim Saltonstall. Priority is of course given to sailors who do not have coaches. Funding to send John to Madeira is kindly provided via the World Youth Sailing Trust.

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For some time ISAF has been very concerned about the varied interpretations and enforcement of RRS 42 (Propulsion). There were a number of submissions to the 2002 ISAF Annual Conference to address various aspects of the rule; the rule itself, class rules, sailing instructions and RRS 42 judges. At the Conference in Cyprus, ISAF Council appointed a working party with representation from the classes, officials and rules committees to identify a way forward.

The working party has recommended that the first step is to level the playing field based on the current rule. This will be achieved by a number of ISAF RRS 42 interpretations to be applied worldwide and then to educate judges, sailors and coaches. The first set of interpretations are being finalised following the ISAF International Judges Conference held in Southampton on 21 - 23 March 2003. In due course these will be supported by video demonstration, clearly identifying permitted and prohibited actions.

It is planned that an ISAF RRS 42 Interpretations Booklet will be published in on 14 April 2003, which will be sent electronically to all MNAs, Classes, Judges and Umpires, in addition to being posted on the ISAF web site. It will also be available on request, to any sailor with an ISAF sailor ID. The interpretations will come into force on 26 April 2003, but any other event may adopt the interpretations before then, provided the judges brief the competitors.

This is a major initiative by ISAF to ensure a level, fair playing field for all competitors in the sport of sailing. More work will follow this first step and further progress will be announced as it unfolds.

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The ISAF Classification Code, developed and refined by ISAF over the last four years as a free service, universal and international method of defining professional and amateur sailors came into force on 1 April. From 1 April onwards, any international event or class that wishes to define the status of its sailors, or limit the numbers of professionals, can use the ISAF classification code to define the limits. The Code classifies sailors into three groups depending on their financial involvement in the sport of sailboat racing. It is not based on an individuals' racing talent, successes, or prowess.

However, to ensure a smooth transition, specifically in respect of sailors competing in the Mumm 30 and Farr 40 classes, where the sailor currently holds an unexpired classification with US Sailing that conflicts with one issued from ISAF, then the US Sailing classification will be used by these classes until the end of 2003. After the end of 2003, the Mumm 30 and Farr 40 Classes have agreed to adopt the ISAF Code in full. For sailors in these classes without a US Sailing classification, for those certifications that expire before the year end or when a sailor's employment circumstances change, an ISAF classification will be required. Further information at

Work on the ISAF Sailors Classification Code started four years ago as a universal system to provide a clear distinction between the 'professional' and 'amateur' sailor. Introduced in its current form in November 2001, it exists solely as a free service to provide events and classes with an international system for classification of sailors. The Code classifies sailors into three Groups: Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3. Group status is based on financial involvement in boat racing (whether direct or indirect) and/or the use in the sailor's work of knowledge or skill capable of improving the performance of a boat in a race. It is not based on racing success, prowess or talent. No moral or ethical judgements are attached to these classifications. ISAF does not discriminate between 'amateurs' and 'professionals'. It is up to classes and regatta organisers to determine whether and how they use these classifications.

Last year, the classification code was used with great success at Ford Cork Week and events using the ISAF Classification Code in 2003 include Ford Cork Week, Swan Europeans and Admirals Cup, in particular in the IMS600 class whose rules state that fifty percent of the declared crew must be group one sailors.

So far, over 5300 sailors are classified under the ISAF Classfication Code, which is available via ISAF Sailor at, a figure which is likely to rise extensively over the coming months. In order to make the classification process clearer to applicants, a document of frequently asked questions has been produced and is available at

All queries regarding the isaf classification code should be directed to

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The 2003 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting is taking place from 21-25 May 2003 in Oslo, Norway, wIth meetings of the Executive Committee, Events Committee and Council taking place. The Mid-Year Meetings will primarily address issues deferred from the 2002 November Conference and financial matters, including the Annual General Meeting.

The Agendas and supporting papers for the Council and Events Committee will be available on the ISAF Website during this coming week.

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Taking place this coming weekend, 11-13 April 2002 is the Sailing Committee Meeting, which will be held at the ISAF Secretariat, Southampton. Focusing mainly on techincal issues, amongst many agenda items, the meeting will include a presentation on country identification via flags on sails for the 2004 Olympic Regatta, arrangements for the Youth Multihull Evaluation Event and Windsurfing Evaluation Event, the system of interpreting class rules at international regattas. The agenda and supporting papers are available online at:

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This coming weekend, 12-13 April 2003, sees a meeting of the Executive Board of the International Foundation for Disabled Sailing (IFDS). The IFDS holds most of its meetings via telephone conference, with two face to face meetings each year, one in the Spring and the other during the IFDS World Disabled Sailing Championship.

This Spring meeting will address a wide variety of issues, including the development of disabled sailing worldwide and specifically women in disabled sailing and sailing for those sailors with severe disabilities, approval of the revised IFDS Race Management Manual which provides an essential resource for those running disabled events, future Disabled Sailing Events, the promotion of Paralympic events to be included within Olympic Class events and much more.

Full information on disabled sailing can be found at


With registrations to ISAF Sailor increasing day by day, the online and complimentary ISAF Sailor service is set to achieve its goal as the central resource for information on sailors and to sailors.

Launched in March 2002, ISAF Sailor provides a range of benefits, including online Competitor Classification to register to determine your amateur/professional status for those events which limit the number of professionals, Sailor Biography, Image Library, Discussion Forums, Email Services and much more. More information

The ISAF Sailor online Biography provides the complimentary software for sailors to update and maintain biographical information on the ISAF website, including images and sponsors' logos, together with hotlinks to sponsors' websites, ranked and non-ranked event results. Updated and maintained by sailors, the biographies provide an excellent resource of information, whether you be a fellow competitor or journalist writing an event report. Sailors who appear on the ISAF World Sailing Rankings will have their ranked regatta results linked to their ISAF Sailor biography, which will draw in all past results alongside their current world ranking.

Event Results can be set up to link directly back to ISAF Sailor Biographies, with further information available from

In the interests of the promotion of ISAF Sailor, and to ensure comprehensive information on sailors for certain events, it is now a requirement of ISAF Regulation 19 - Eligibility Code that sailors participating in the Olympic Regatta, ISAF Events, ISAF Graded Match Racing Events and Regional Games register to ISAF Sailor.

Michael Casparij (DEN) - Match racer and Beneteau 25 sailor

Kristen Kosmala (AUS) - who is in the middle of her Olympic campaign with Nicky Bethwaite and Jenni Bonnitcha, where they are ranked 22 in the world.

Guillaume Florent (FRA) - one of France's top hopes in the Finn Class.

Ian Moore (GBR) - top navigator from the illbruck Volvo Ocean Race campaign amongst others.

Teiva Veronique (TAH) - whilst still in the middle of his education, Teiva has already successfully competed in a variety of different classes, including Optimist, Hobie 16 and Laser

Verena Wagner (AUT) - currently campaigning a Europe, Verena is ranked 61 in the ISAF World Sailing Rankings, the highest ranked Austrian Europe sailor.

Luis Barragan (PER) - Luis first entered the sport sailing a Sunfish, but can now more often be found as tactician or trimmer on board a variety of larger yachts.

Giovanni Bonzio (ITA) - who can be found racing around in a Contender, having placed 3rd overall at the Contender Europeans last year.

For full information go to ISAF Sailor

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Young, dynamic - bringing together the historical and cultural heritage, as well as the future of China", these were the words used by IOC President Jacques Rogge on Friday to describe the logo of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing in 2008.

The logo was officially approved by the IOC following a presentation made by a BOCOG delegation led by Mr Jiang Xiaoyu, BOCOG Vice-President, in the presence of Mr Hein Verbruggen, Chairman of the Coordination Commission for the 2008 Games.

The official unveiling of the emblem will take place in Beijing on 25 May. Details of the event will follow shortly.

The competition for the logo was launched last July in Beijing at the Olympic Design Conference. Some 2,000 entries were registered. The choice of the logo was made by a jury composed of Chinese and international design experts. For further information, please visit the 2008 Olympic Games website. More http://www.sailing.orgArticle_content.asp?ArticleID=4210

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In a historic day for sailing in India, Nitin Mongia of India won the 2003 International OK dinghy World Championship with a race to spare. Nitin Mongia remained on shore on the final day on Friday, packed up his boat and left for the airport to pick up his wife who was coming down from Mumbai to be at the prizegiving. With Nitin out of the racing, the focus shifted to the battle for second and third overall between Ben Morrison from NZL and Nick Craig from GBR. Lower down the fleet there were other keen tussles to decide the minor places.

After the Principal Race Officer had postponed the start of Race 7 to 1300 to enable the competitors to pack their boats in daylight, the weather gods responded and the notoriously fickle wind started settling down from around 1100 hrs much to the delight of all concerned. The wind settled at around 5-6 knots from 230 degrees and along with the light swells, made for very interesting and challenging sailing conditions. Rudier Prinz (GER) held on to win Race 7 followed by Rob Coutts and Greg Wilcox. Ben Morrison finished 5th, enough to take 2nd overall while a disappointed Nick Craig who finished 4th had to be content with 3rd overall.

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The WSSRC has advised an omission from the web site list of "Ratified Passage Records" - the Transatlantic West to East, Ambrose Light to Lizard Point Single-Handed Record held by Laurent Bourgnon (FRA).

The details are:

Transatlantic W to E, Ambrose Light - Lizard Point, singlehanded 2925 nm

June 94

Primagaz T (I) 60 ft (18.29 m)

Laurent Bourgnon FRA

7d 2h 34m 42s 17.15 kts

Looking at other WSSRC records, there are 3 new entries in the "Performance Certificate" section:

First singlehanded 20ft Sport Catamaran. Las Palmas to Guadeloupe

Alessandro Di Benedetto ITA/FRA

Hobie Cat Formula 20


28d 11h 36m 2s

La Gomera to Barbados. Fastest crossing to date.

Tony Bullimore GBR/Fedor Konyukhov RUS

"Scarlet Sails" 102ft Catamaran

March 2003

9d 23h 17m 3s

First Singlehanded Round the World, Victoria BC to Victoria BC, Canada

Tony Gooch CAN

"Taonui" 42ft Monohull

Sept 2002/Mar 2003

177d 23h 46m 2s

Breaking news and future record attempts:

Steve Fossett was planning a start on Saturday 5 April on the Antigua to Newport record, however as yet we have no news as to whether Playstation set off.

Tony Bullimore will soon be leaving Jamaica in his attempt for a "Performance Certificate" on the Jamaica (Montego Bay) to the Lizard voyage.

Michael Reppy will shortly be attempting his 3rd go at the Transpacific single-handed record.

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Athens 2004 is committed to conduct a series of Test Events based, as closely as possible, on a true event environment. One Test Event for each sport and discipline at each Olympic facility is scheduled in order to test all critical parameters of competition, venue and technological systems.

The second Test Event of the Athens 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games is organised for the sport of sailing. The "ATHENS 2003 REGATTA" is one of the two Test Events to be held before the Olympic Regatta in 2004. The 2003 event will take place from 14 to 28 August and the races will be held in the same area as in the Olympic Games of Athens 2004.

Special attention to Notice of Race item 4: Additional Identification:

Boats of the Yngling and 470 classes shall carry, in addition to the national letters, their national flag on the spinnaker.

Specifications can be found using the following link:"

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2003 International OK Dinghy World Champion - Nitin Mongia (IND)


Croatia - The fax number for the Croatian Sailing Federation has been amended on the ISAF website as follows: + 385 21 344 334

USA - The latest news from US SAILING including information about the Alter Cup, the Rolex Next Step programe, the new sailing primer on the US Sailing website and a search for a volunteer coach to send to the XIV Pan American Games. More


The International Laser II Class Association - has a new email address as follows:

The International Yngling Class - In response to a request from the International Yngling Association, the ISAF Keel Boat Committee Executive has approved an amendment to the Yngling Class Rules effective from Friday 4 April 2003:

Class Rule G.4 - Spinnaker Dimensions

Quarter width 4700 maximum

Three-quarter width 2300 maximum

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Tasaki Osaka Cup

Leaders Halfway, 1 April 2003

Congressional Cup

Cup Broadcast over New Media, 1 April 2003

RPAYC U25 Match Racing

Dunstan Prevails at ISAF Grade 3 Event, 1 April 2003

African Optimist Championship

Day One, 1 April 2003

To submit event reports send to


Events coming up over the next 14 days include:

7 - 12 April, Congressional Cup 2003, Long Beach, California, USA,%20California5391&recno=15&recs=15&res=0

8 - 19 April, Lightning World Championships, Miami, USA,%20Florida4958&recno=1&recs=12&res=0

9 - 13 April, Rolex Women's Match, St Petersburg, USA,%20Florida5866&recno=2&recs=12&res=0

9 - 14 April, Sydney to Mooloolaba Race, Mooloolaba YC, AUS

10 - 19 April, Central & South American Laser Championships, Algarrobo, CHI

11 - 13 April, ORMA - Grand Prix du Pays de Lorient, Lorient, FRA

11 - 13 April, Match Race Grade 3, Selection for Blurimini Match Race, Rimini, ITA

11 - 14 April, Laser Europa Cup & Youth Grand Prix, Andora, ITA

12 - 13 April, TMC 1, Middlefart, DEN

12 - 13 April, Clubs and Classes Match Racing Qualifier, Rutland Water SC

12 - 14 April, YCA Match Race II, Antibes, FRA

12 - 18 April, XXXIV Princess Sofia Trophy, Plama de Mallorca, ESP

12 - 20 April, IODA South American Championship, Montevideo, URU

16 - 20 April, Izola Spring Cup, Izola, SLO

17 - 19 April, North Garda Youth International Week, Malcesine, ITA

17 - 19 April, Trophy Mare e Laghi, Monfalcone, ITA

17 - 20 April, Eurocup Series - Toro Andaluz, Toro Andaluz, ESP

18 - 19 April, Musto Ski Yachting, Oslo, NOR

18 - 20 April, 505 Europa Cup, Cavalaire, FRA

18 - 20 April. Lakefest, Lake Texhoma, USA

18 - 21 April, Sail Sydney, Sydney Harbour, AUS

18 - 21 April, Semaine Nautique Internationale de Marseille, Marseille, FRA

18 - 21 April. XIV International Mediterranean Friendship Cup, Toulon, FRA

18 - 21 April, Laser Europa Cup & Youth Grand Prix, Hourtin, FRA

18 - 21 April, Spi Ouest, La Trinite sur Mer, FRA

19 - 20 April, Hungarian Spring Cup, Balatonfured, HUN

19 - 21 April, SNIM, Marseille, FRA

19 - 21 April, Match Race di Pasqua, Trasimeno Lake, ITA

19 - 22 April, Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, Antigua, ANT

19 April - 1 May, Round Britain Challenge, Southampton, GBR

20 - 28 April, Autumn Championship, Mar del Plata, ARG

Missed an Event? If you are a Member National Authority or Class, please ensure you have submitted your event using the official ISAF Calendar of Events Form available from the ISAF Secretariat.

Go to the ISAF Calendar to search for events by event name, class, venue, nation, grade or date.


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