Moreno Twins Stake Their Claim As Diaz Reinforces His Lead

The fleet awoke to rattling windows and the wind rushing through the

ancient streets, here in Tarifa this morning.

Many of the sailors arrived at the beach, looking a little jaded having

enjoyed last nights opening party to the full. Tarifa, a town fabled for

its all-night nightlife, lived up to expectations with the music still

playing at sunrise! Theres nothing better for clearing the head than

getting out on the water though and, despite doom and gloom from the

forecasters, the wind did not desert the event and heats were underway on

time at 11.00 this morning.

The ladies were the first to take to the water to guarantee a result in

the womens division. With 5 girls competing, it was decided to run a 3

heat final, with all girls competing 3 times to decide the winner. The

level of all the girls was high, but as usual the Moreno Twins (North,

Mistral) dominated the contest with overwhelming skill. Daida finally took

the honors over sister Iballa, with clew first spock 540s but it was a

close battle, ahead of Silvia Alba in third.

The losersfinal of the mens single elimination was completed in quite

testing, choppy, gusty conditions. The greater experience of Orjan Jensen

(North, Proof) allowed him to make the most of what the elements had

provided to stand his ground ahead of Victor Fernandez (Fanatic) who broke

to the pressure and failed to rise to the challenge of Orjan who takes

third in the first mens single elimination.

Without hesitation, Competition Director Pick Escribano moved straight

into the mens double elimination. The seemingly perfect start to the day

was not to last however, and within a few heats competition had to be

abandoned due to light winds.

The weather continued to tease all day, sun followed cloud followed rain.

The wind constantly switching direction picking up temptingly before

petering out to nothing, and apart from a brief squall storming through

the event site later in the afternoon, the sailors were confined to the beach.

Clear air gave an impressive view of the North African mountains, which

stared down agelessly on the event as the sunset in the West. Tonight will

see a big beach barbecue for the whole event and with many sailors hoping

to topple Diaz from his provisional throne, the atmosphere will be tense.

Undoubtedly some will find a way to relax in the streets and bars of the

old town of Tarifa, later on tonight.

More variable conditions are forecast for the next few days, so anything

could happen!