Storms Stifle Comeback Hopes Of Would Be Winners

Stormy onshore conditions and tumultuous seas greeted competitors here on

the last day of competition in Tarifa.

With Douglas Diaz (North, Fanatic) currently sitting pretty in the top

slot, the frustration on the faces of those eager for a chance to topple

him was obvious.

The competition was not finished yet however, and at 12.30 the rain

cleared and the wind built sufficiently for heats to begin again. As if

just to torment the waiting competitors, the conditions didnt last, the

skies closed in and the rain returned with a vengeance.

And so the pattern for the rest of the day was established. Rainsqualls

came and went, bringing with them short lived gusts of wind but never

enough to allow competition to restart.

Professional Windsurfing has returned to Tarifa with a bang and the

competition here has been superb. As is often the case in Freestyle, youth

has been the star of the show with dazzling performances from Diaz and

Thomas Traversa, but with experience still making its mark in the form of

Orjan Jensen (North, Proof) holding his own in third. Diaz has now made

his mark as a name to watch after his third place in Bonaire at the end of

2002 and now a victory in the inaugural event of 2003.

The womens fleet has been dominated yet again by the Moreno twins (North

Mistral) with Daida claiming victory over sister Iballa, who has made an

excellent return to form after a season plagued by injury in 2002.

Tarifa has proved to be a fantastic host for some of the worlds best, and

the conditions, whilst variable, have not let the fleet down. The town has

opened its doors in the evenings and a good time has been had by all.

Daida Moreno

We have had a really good time here and the conditions have been really

good. I am really happy to have won and I hope we can come back next year.

It was really positive to see some new girls competing here and I hope we

will see them some more at other contests.

Douglas CheoDiaz

Its my first time here in Tarifa and it has been good. We have been looked

after really well by all the people here and I am really happy to win. Its

a good start for me for the rest of the year and Im really looking forward

to the other contests.