Marginal Conditions Get Sailors Wet But Keep Competition Dry

Sunday April 20, 2003


Blue skies and sunshine have made for an excellent day at the beach for

the crowds of thousands who flocked to the Mondial du Vent here at Leucate


An 8 o'clock skippers meeting had promised to give an early start, but

unfortunately the wind gods were not as keen as race director Olaf Van Tol

and only a gentle breeze greeted the early risers. For many, the Slipshot

party the night before, meant that 8 o'clock felt much earlier!

As the day went on, a marginal breeze developed, enticing a few sailors on

to the water, but only UK sailor Terry Luxton (Naish, Naish) really

managed to make any use of it, planing occasionally and managing to ride a

few choice waves.

Other sailors took the time to catch up on correspondence and made good

use of the internet tent here on site. For many of the top names it is

their first time at Leucate and they have been impressed by the size of

the event and the facilities on site. For the world tour regulars such as

Kauli Seadi (Naish, AHD) recently signed to the AHD team, and Ricardo

Campello (Neil Pryde, JP) the event here compares favorably to many of the

bigger World Cup events elsewhere in the world.

Regardless of the lack of wind, there has been loads of action. BMX

displays, springboard basketball and a massive trade show are among the

many other attractions here at what is very much a festival event. Crowds

in their thousands have patrolled the beach and promenade at La Franqui

today and none have been disappointed!

Forecasts for the coming days still remain unclear so everybody is very

much on standby, ready for anything.