Light Winds Demand An Innovative Response From Creatively Inspired Sailors

Tuesday April 22, 2003


Once again, the blue skies and sunshine of the Southern French town of

Leucate have not failed to disappoint visitors to the Mondial Du Vent here

at La Franqui beach. The contest awoke to glassy seas and a rapidly

clearing sky, which brought no more than a gentle breeze to tease the

flags and banners.

In response to this less than perfect start, the sailors of the PWA set

about finding fun replacements to keep them occupied whilst waiting for

the wind.

Bonaire hero, Tonky Frans (Gaastra, AHD) was seen cruising town, looking

like a relative giant on a 30cm skateboard, whilst Venezuelan, PWA

Freestyle number 2, Ricardo Campello (Neil Pryde, JP) and fellow

countryman Alexis Zaballa (North, Mistral) put on a display of aerial

freestyle on dry land. The two South Americans were hooked up to the

bungee apparatus and launched skywards attached to their freestyle kit!

Much to the appreciation of the watching crowds.

Race director Olaf Van Tol, decided to put on a little display on the

water, with a light wind freestyle contest. There were many worthy

performances with quite a few sailors demonstrating impressive skill, but

in the end the final honors went to:

1. Tonky Frans (Gaastra, AHD)

2. Pascal Joly (Arrows, F2)

3. Remko De Weerd (Gaastra, fanatic)

Weather forecasts do not look too promising for the rest of the week, but

PWA regular and local hotshot, Julien Taboulet (Neil Pryde, JP) told us

"Anything can happen here, even a day like this can get windy very quick.

Anything could happen!"