Daily Report: Day#3 (28th April 2003)

The success continues: Another four races at the EC Malcesine

Dorota already confirmed as winner - Wojtek shows first weaknesses

Malcesine / Lake Garda (Italy), 27 April 2003. It seems as if the gods are with

the EC Malcesine: Twelve races for both fleets in three days is an impressing

result for the regatta team. The famous Ora wind arrived at the afternoon with

perfect strength and enabled the organizers to run another 4 races for the 125

competitors today.

Although the morning didn't look too promising with fog and clouds covering the

sky, the Ora arrived reliable as usual in Malcesine around noon. The nice and

warm southern breeze cast away the last clouds and prepared the arena for the

best racers of the world. 13 to 15 knots ensured a convenient start for the women

who begun. Dorota Staszewska (POL-1, Starboard, Gaastra) continued her domination

and won this race in front of Verena Fauster (ITA-31, Starboard, Gaastra) and

Christine Becker (GER-215, G-Sailboards, Gun Sails). Directly after the women

the male competitors went on the course. Again Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10, Starboard,

Neil Pryde) was able to open a competition day with a victory. He was followed

by his Starboard team mate and Malcesine local Andrea Cucchi (ITA-1, Starboard,

Neil Pryde) On the third place we found Steve Allen (AUS-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde)

who continued with his consistent top results.

The second race was started back to back but the wind accelerated to 17 knots.

Again the Polish beauty Dorota was able to win the women fleet in front of Verena

and Christine. In the men's fleet Arnon Dagan (ISR-1, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) was

happy to finally score a victory. Already in the race before he was the first

competitor to cross the finish line. Unfortunately he was recognized as OCS and

disqualified. Now his triumph was even bigger! Almost as happy was the US windsurfing

star Micah Buzianis (USA-34, Mistral, North Sails) who is getting stronger and

stronger in this competition and has a second place in this race in front of Wojtek


After the second race the competitors were sent ashore for a break to give them

a chance to relax and to enjoy the legendary pasta break of the local club "Fraglia

Vela Malcesine". The wind continued to blow with up to 19 knots in. Dorota

won in the womens fleet ("as usual"). Verena was again on the second

place but the third position brought a surprise with Margit Germany (AUT-88, Starboard,

Gaastra) from Austria. The mens fleet produced an interesting situation as some

of the racers set their watch wrong as they took the AP flag for the red flag

in the starting sequence. Among them was also the leader Wojtek Brzozowski. He

started two minutes too early and pulled several more racers over the line who

were all disqualified as OCS. So the way was free for the Mistral rider Micah

Buzianis to score his first victory in this competition. Arnon Dagan continued

his strong performance today with a second place in front of the young Devon Boulon

(ISV-1, Mikes Lab, Windwing) from the Virgin Islands.

The last race was started back to back. And it seems as if the women have finally

accepted their ranking. For the third time today the positions are: Dorota, Verena,

Christine. Wojtek was able to overcome he weaker phase and stroke back with a

victory. He was followed by Arnon Dagan who is the winner of the third day of

the Euro-Cup in Malcesine. The third position is occupied by Andrea Cucci.

After the third day and twelve (!) races with three discards Dorota Staszewska

(POL-1, Starboard, Gaastra) is already save as winner of the regatta before the

last day. Her domination force left no chances for the attacks of the other girls.

But on the following places the fight is still full on So the women ranking has

Dorota on a clear first place with twelve victories and 6,75 points in front of

Verena Fauster (ITA-31, Starboard, Gaastra) with 19 points. Christine Becker (GER-215,

G-Sailboards, Gun Sails) from Germany was able to defend her third position and

has 26 points now. But everything is very close between her and Geraldine Jambert

(FRA-115, Starboard, Gun Sails) with only four points difference.

In the men's fleet Wojtek Brozowski (POL-10, Starboard, Neil Pryde) showed the

first weaknesses today. But he is still clear in the lead. With 8 victories and

a total of 9 points he is far ahead of his opponents. Steve Allen (AUS-0, Fanatic,

Neil Pryde) presents his usual consistent performance and takes the second place

with 30,75 points. On his heals he has Andrea Cucchi (ITA-1, Starboard, Neil Pryde)

with 35,75 points. Micah Buzianis (USA-34, Mistral, North, 36,75 points) and Pieter

Bijl (NED-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde, 43,88) are raising their pressure and hope for

mistakes of the leaders to have a chance to enter the podium.

The Windsurfing Euro-Cup Malcesine / Lake Garda (Italy) will last until tomorrow,

Tuesday, 29thth of May.

You can find more information, results, pictures etc. and follow the competition

online on the official Website of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup and

on the FW Class Website .