Registration Day

Tuesday April 29, 2003


Setting the stage for an awesome forthcoming event, the forecast for the

Gran Canaria Vargas, Aguimes PWA Wave World Cup 2003 is for strong winds

and big surf! As a low pressure system tears northern Europe apart, a huge

swell is pumping south due to hit the north east coast of Gran Canaria

right on cue for the start of what is potentially the most exiting year in

PWA Wave history.

This years title race is wide open and the opportunity for a new world

champion has never been stronger since the young gunsof freestyle have

matured into hardened and experienced competitors over the past two seasons.

And theres big news and upset for this event and for the whole season as

last years world champion, Kevin Pritchard (Starboard / Gaastra) and

regular top three ranking sailor Nik Baker (Mistral / North) are both

absent from Vargas with broken feet, the almost trend setting, trade mark

injury of modern windsurfers going for double loops and contorted

freestyle tricks.

Also, the Wave Champion of 2000 Francisco Goya (Fanatic / Arrows) has

taken a step back from competition for 2003. With these guys wiped out of

the picture, the opportunity for other sailors to take the title is so

greatly increased, theres a distinctively more professional and

enthusiastic push from all the world tour sailors, both the old guard and

especially the new school of wave sailors.

This new wave crew are the radical generation, from Robby Swift (JP / Neil

Pryde) the hard core competitor and freestyle power man from England, to

Ty Bodycoat (Starboard) and Luke Walmsley (Starboard) the laid back west

coast Australian rippers, and the tricky South Americans Kauli Seadi (AHD

/ Naish) and Ricardo Campello (JP / Neil Pryde). But the man to look out

for this week has to be Jonas Cabellos (Fanatic / Gaastra), the born and

bred Gran Canarian local famous for his mind blowingly high back loops and

his gravity defying tweaked table tops known now as Ninja Kicks!

The old guard cant be ruled out either. Theres the serious chances of

Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof / Neil Pryde), another local and the undisputed

king of windsurfing taking back a world champion title that eluded him for

the first time in over a decade last year. Married with kids now though

might have taken the edge off his hard core competitiveness, opening up

chances for Vidar Jensen (North), another Gran Canarian local to pounce on

the world title that hes come so close to before but never owned.

This time last year, one of the main contenders for the world title, Jason

Polakow (JP/ Neil Pryde), missed this event due to injury and therefore

his chance to fight for world supremacy. Despite a series of horrific

injuries hes staggering back this year and has a serious chance of ripping

it up on the water, despite hardly being able to walk on land.

Scotty McKercher (Starboard) is known to his mates as Grampshaving to wear

both a back brace and a knee brace just to hold him together, neither of

which will hold back his aggressive gauges and all round sick wave riding

though, which has got him the number three seed here at Vargas, just

behind the Hawaiian Josh Angulo, whos not been out of the top four here in

Gran Canaria for the last few years.

And theres more, in fact theres so many wave sailors now who could

potentially take the world title this year either through double loops,

getting tricky busting out new school moves or just hard core lip smacking

gauging wave riding, this years title truly has no favorites.

The womens championship is up for grabs too as both Karin Jaggi (F2 /

Arrows) and Anne-Marie Reichman (Naish / Naish) have been in serious port

tack training this winter in Australia, stepping up to the insanely high

pace set by the Gran Canarian local twins Daida and Iballa Ruano Moreno

(Mistral / North).

This week will set the trend for both the mens and the womens 2003 world

titles and theres a seriously good forecast, so tune in tomorrow for the

first day of PWA Vargas and see the PWA action live and direct on with ground breaking broadband technology bringing the speed,

the height, the wipe outs and the power of wave sailing right to you

online daily. Bring it on!