In an exciting day today we saw plenty of radical action as a small wind

swell finally hit the north east coast of Gran Canaria. In winds up to

twenty five knots all the top professional world tour sailors hit the

water and began testing the side onshore conditions at Vargas.

The judges decided the competition format would be two waves and two jumps

to count in ten minute heats, but as the wind increased during the day,

the tide came rushing in too, pushing so high up the beach the waves

totally disappeared!

All the windsurfers carried on sailing enjoying the pressure of such high

level action around them, but competition was postponed until the waves

increased in size. Everybody waited patiently for the tide to back off

anticipating contest conditions for the late afternoon, but by 6:30pm the

judges abandoned hope for the day.

To maximize the chances of good wave conditions for tomorrow, the first

possible start has been moved forward to 8:30am! Anyone would think these

windsurfers had a day job. In fact, the pressures and anticipation of

competition, sat with no wind breaks in the sun for ten hours does take

its toll, but I?m sure none of them would exchange this beach lifestyle

for the world!

The outstanding sailors of the day were clearly Greg Allaway (JP / Neil

Pryde), Matt Pritchard (Gaastra), Jonas Ceballos (Fanatic / Gaastra), Ty

Bodycoat (Starboard), Tonky Frans (AHD / Gaastra), Chris Audsley

(Fanatic), Pete Volwater (F2 / Arrows) and local windsurfer Regis Bouron,

who some judges thought could make it into the semi finals at least!

The famous Gran Canarian twins Daida and Iballa Moreno (Mistral / North)

also sailed incredibly today, going for one legged back loops and wave

360's which would put much of the men's fleet to shame.

Conditions are forecast to be better tomorrow, with even stronger winds

and certainly bigger waves due to arrive and mark the beginning of the

2003 PWA Wave World Tour.