MISTRAL began in 1997 to build Freestyle boards - and was hit by waves of

scepticism. Only one year later MISTRAL was regarded as a trendsetter and

since then every one of our Freestyle boards has been a runaway success.

MISTRALĀ“s newest Freestyle funster is the Joker - the ideal board for


water freestyle, hardcore freestyle moves and competition use in an

absolutely unique and radical design. Its technical details can be found

on the MISTRAL Homepage:

The success story of MISTRAL's Freestyle boards has continued ridiculously

strongly with the Joker: now, only weeks after its first appearance in

March 2003, the board is practically sold out as we have only one board in

each size on the shelf!

The absolutely last chance to get your hands on one of these feverishly

desired boards is to take part in our special auction and bid for one of

the Jokers exclusively on the MISTRAL Homepage

The highest bidder will not only receive the last available Joker 2003,

but will also support Greenpeace with the successful bid. Greenpeace will

use the money to help with cleaning the oil deposited on those stretches

of coast hit hardest by the Prestige accident last year. The sinking of

this tanker was one of the worst environmental disasters suffered by

France, Portugal and Spain and there are still innumerable helpers on the

beaches working to free the coast and its affected wildlife from spilt oil.

There are always more than enough environmental causes that need financial

support, so why did MISTRAL get involved in this one? Windsurfing is a

watersport and we hope, with the auctioning of the Joker, not only to help

protect our oceans but also to help bring back the practice of our

wonderful sport of windsurfing to those areas closed down by the oil disaster.

You can make your bids by email internationally from now to the MISTRAL

Homepage. The auction ends on 25th May 2003 at 23.59 hours. Each day we

shall post the highest bid on this site. Once the auction has ended, we

shall contact the new owner of this special Joker in writing.