Neil Pryde Ltd. the world's leading manufacturer of windsurfing sails and

rigs, has announced plans to actively invest in the research and

development of foil technology, aimed at significantly boosting the

performance of boards on water.

"The Neil Pryde company and its brands are involved in a variety of high

performance watersports outside of our traditional base in windsurfing."

explains Founder & Managing Director Mr. Neil Pryde. "Today we're actively

supplying products to surfers, wakeboarders, waterskiers as well as

windsurfers and we're also now pushing the performance frontiers in the

fast-growing sport of kitesurfing, too."

"We've found that in several of our markets products have reached maturity.

Clearly there's a technology plateau which most of the leading companies in

the business have now reached. This in turn, has lead to a noticeable

levelling-off in product performance."

"The market is now saturated with products that have reached a high level

of performance and we're keen to see things leap ahead again - and this

requires investment in new ideas and new technology".

NeilPryde Ltd has invested in a Maui-based development programme

spearheaded by Rush Randle, a well-known performance pioneer and all-round


Kevin Ozee, Manager of the Neil Pryde flagship retail store on Maui is

close to the project and helped nurture the connection between the Neil

Pryde organisation and Randle's fledgling foil development programme.

"We've seen Rush on the cutting edge of many of the new developments in

watersports and I could see that the work he's already done on foils looks

really impressive." Recalls Ozee. "The foils he's developing for use


kites already greatly improve the speed and performance potential of

existing kite boards - we would like to see this developed further and we

see great potential for this in Surfing, Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding and

later in windsurfing, too."

Compared to what's currently feasible above the water line, the performance

gains that are possible through below-the-surface developments are still

relatively uncharted. The Neil Pryde R&D staffers are convinced that this

foil development programme has the potential to make a huge impact on the

sport in the very near future.