Windsurf@Wittering was a storming success with around 3000 visitors to the

beach over the weekend. It certainly was the biggest event since we

started, six years ago and the wind gods were favourable as we had a top

end of a force four on Saturday and force two to three on Sunday. Sunday

was even a perfect sunny day with out a rain cloud in sight.

A full range of demo kit was there from all the major manufactures

including F2/Arrows, JP/Pryde, North/Fanatic/Mistral, RRD/Ezzy, Hotsails

Maui, Wipika, RRD kites, Flexifoil, Slingshot, Cabrinha, Air Rush, Lost

Cause and North Kites. Suppliers also brought with them some brand new toys

which had not been on test before. These included a Fanatic Freestyle Wave

board, the new Neil Pryde Saber sail, Mistral's new Screamer II, the F2

Powerglide range and a hydrofoil kite board from Flexifoil. We had a kite

test zone on the beach with Jason Furness and the Flexifoil team, free

windsurfing tuition tips from Jem Hall.

On Saturday morning we held an impromptu kitesurfing expression session on

the water as we had some major international visitors including world

ladies kitesurfing champion Cindy Mosey and Will James who currently lay

second overall in the world kitesurfing championships. They were joined on

the water by Jason Furness, Danny Seals and Andrea Wharry from the

international Flexifoil team. In the far from ideal conditions approaching

high tide Danny Seals was the clear winner with the biggest moves of the

day. Other top kiters were on the beach included Chris Gilbert from Maui,

Uk's Chris Calthrop and local south coast riders including Neal Gent, Stu

Holland, Colin Mcullock, Ian Whittaker, Paul Metcalf and world ranked

Claire Bunton.

Saturday night saw more than three hundred people enjoy a fantastic party

organised by 2XS, sponsored by Flexifoil and held at Pump Bottom Farm (home

of "The Blues on the Farm"). A good spread of food was provided before


alcohol proceeded to flow in vast quantities with tequila shots being

worryingly popular. A live band warmed up the dance floor before the wheels

of steel got going. The DJ kept the tunes pumping and the dance floor was

packed all night. Some of the dance moves were a little risqué but the

majority of people left the dance floor un-scathed. It was good to see so

many party goers camp over night and it was the busiest the camping field

has ever been.

On Sunday world ranked freestyle/wave sailor Nik Baker turned up on the

beach to see for himself what is happening on the British windsurfing

scene. When Nik is not competing he spends most of his time in Maui so it

was really good to see him on West Wittering beach. To add to the celebrity

status Chris Evans and Billy Piper were spotted on the beach with the usual

paparazzi hunting them down.

The RNLI were on hand over the weekend giving advice on safety tips for

windsurfers and kiters. Simon Bassett event organiser was one of the first

to sign up having lost his gear out to sea on Friday evening in force 8

conditions further down the coast. He had to swim for over ½ an hour

to get

back to the beach as the light was fading.

The next demo weekend at West Wittering will be held on the 27th and the

28th September 2003.