G-Ride 59

Introducing the new G-Ride 59, the new freemove board.

A unique blend of versatility, performance and high technology that will take

you into a new riding dimension, the G-dimension.

The best of Maxx Ride and Free Diamond

Following the exceptional success of our Maxx Ride and

Free Diamond ranges, our R & D team developed a board concept that incorporates

both the advantages of the Free Diamond – wide range of use, accessibility –

and of the Maxx Ride – great manoeuvrability, top control in strong wind. As

a result the G-Ride line offers flawless performance in any medium to strong

wind conditions, for whatever sailing attitude – freeride, freestyle or wave.

G-Ride boards represent the perfect compromise for those who limit their quiver

to two boards – a G-Ride for any medium to strong wind conditions and a bigger

board for lighter conditions. Keep it simple! G-Ride cannot be the wrong choice.

G-Ride concept

The new G-Ride 57 and 59 keep the slightly concave that

provides such an incredibly smooth water contact and control. Compared to Maxx

Ride, the G-Ride outlines have been stretched a little to offer better control

at high speed, a wider range of use and a more directional and reliable ride.

Additionally the G-Ride perform better than Maxx Ride on the wave face. Let’s

not forget that Maxx Ride have been primarily designed as freestyle board. Scoop

lines of the G-Ride 57 and 59 have been developed from the Maxx Ride, maintaining

great manoeuvrability but stretched a little to improve planing ability and

highwind control.

Protec double sandwich technology

The last advantage of the G-Ride is their construction.

Stronger than classic gel coat sandwich boards, but as light as them, our Protec

double sandwich technology offers you the best of two worlds. The light weight

and unique feeling of our high tech monocoque double sandwich construction,

and the kind of impact resistance previously only found on heavier thermoplast

construction. Protec Sandwich is an exclusive process, made and developed in



G-Ride 59 G-Ride 57
Width: 59.5 cm 57.9 cm
Length: 260 cm 250 cm
Volume: 95 l 85 l.
Weight: 7.2 kg 6.9 kg
Tail width: 39.2 cm 38 cm
Technology: Protec Double Sandwich Technology Protec Double Sandwich Technology
Fin box: Power Box Power Box
Rec. sail: 4.5 – 7.0 m2 4.0 – 6.0 m2
Rec. fin: 24 – 34 cm 22 – 30 cm
Wave/Freestyle/Freeride: 33% - 33% - 33% 33% - 33% - 33%