June 7, 2003

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

West Dennis, MA -- Day one of the King of the Cape had a promising start

in the early morning with winds blowing around 10-13kts, however with

cloud cover slowly approaching, any chance of strong thermal winds of

spring were squashed. With hopes held high following the Nevin Sayre

Kids Camp, the event began with running the Novice and Amateur heats.

When it came time to run the Pro Division, the first heat of round one

was started but had to be abandoned half way through when winds became

virtually non existent. After a break in the action the winds started

up again but not quite enough to make a go for the pro division so, the

Amateur and Novices rounds were continued. By the time round two was

completed, the winds again had died off. Not your normal June on the

usually sunny Cape Cod. To locals, citing an unusual spring, it seemed

par for the course the past month or so. The heats were abandoned

around 4pm, and sailors released for the day.

Nothing was going to stop the fun at the King of the Cape with a HUGE

BBQ sponsored by RED BULL at the Improper Bostonian with more ribs,

salads, burgers, and hotdogs than anyone could eat followed by the

rocking tunes of a local band that played out the night till the wee

hours. Everyone was partying hard and sprits were high, hopeful for

decent conditions tomorrow. Forecasts are calling for wind early in the

day again with the front passing over night tonight. Skippers meeting

will be started early and heats beginning the morning with hope of

getting as many pro rounds completed to insure a proper result.

For more information please contact us at: info@kingofthecape.com,

(888)465-2632, or visit our website at: http://www.kingofthecape.com/.