- Steve Allen takes the victory -

- Fanatic beats Starboard in the Boards Manufacturers Ranking-

- Neil Pryde dominated the Sail Manufacturers Ranking -

Cascais / Lisbon (Portugal), June 8th 2003. The last day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup

Cascais / Lisbon (Portugal) didn't bring conditions for any official races. So

the result from the second day with seven races and two discards is also the final


The Fanatic top rider Steve Allen (AUS-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) stepped on the

top of the podium at the Windsurfing Euro-Cup in Cascais. The Euro-Cup Champion

of 2002 was enthusiastic about his first victory in the 2003 season. The Australian

was able to win two races and scored two second places. In the end he had a total

of 9,4 points which gives him a clear lead in front of the new star in the Starboard

team Michal Polanowski (POL-16, Starboard, Neil Pryde) on the second place. The

Polish youngster was able to win the final race and present a consistent performance

over the whole regatta. In the end he had 14,7 points giving him a 2-point lead

in front of Fanatics "wild animal" Pieter Bijl (NED-0, Fanatic, Neil

Pryde) with 16,7 points. The Dutch windsurfing maniac was able to win one race

and finished three times on the third place.

On the fourth place followed the "baby" in the Starboard team Alberto

Menegatti (ITA-456, Satrboard, YES Sails, 22,0 points). The top racer of YES Sails

confirmed the strong impression from the last Euro-Cup event in Cagliari/Sardinia

and underlined the intention to step out of the shadow of his mentor and Italian

Champion Andrea Cucchi. He was getting stronger and stronger over the regatta

and a victory in one race was only prevented by a rope in the water which made

him make a spectacular catapult. The fifth position was won by Aleks Grynis (POL-86,

Starboard, Neil Pryde, 24,7 points) who was also able to win one race and recovered

strongly after a terrible start into the regatta.

In the Boards Manufacturers Ranking we saw an exciting head to head fight between

Fanatic and Starboard. After two Starboard victories at the last two events Fanatic

was able to triumph this time. But it was super tight between the two global players

in the racing scene. In the end Fanatic won with 353 points provided by Steve

Allen, Pieter Bijl and Ben van der Steen (NED-57, Fanatic, Neil Pryde). Only one

point behind is Starboard with a total of 352 points won by Michal Polanowski,

Alberto Menegatti and Aleks Grynis. The third position was won by F2 whose efforts

in the Euro-Cup pay of now. Their new "baby" Devon Boulon (ISV-1, F2,

Windwing) was the top scorer with a ninth place in the strong fleet.

In the Sails Manufacturers Ranking we saw again a domination of Neil Pryde. 7

out of the top-10 racers are using Neil Pryde sails. Only YES sails was able to

break into the top-5 Neil Pryde phalanx with their racer Alberto Menegatti. The

maximum of 357 points from Steve Allen, Michal Polanowski and Pieter Bijl granted

Neil Pryde a comfortable lead ahead of Gaastra with 331 points. Gaastra is still

suffering from a significant lack of top racers using their sails. Their "strongest

weapon" Ross Williams (GBR-83, Starboard, Gaastra) was only able to get eighth

after a strong second place after the first day. The other Gaastra top racers

were not able to save the score for their brand. The third position was won by

YES sails who are establishing themselves more and more as one of the top brands

for competitive sails.

The Windsurfing Euro-Cup Cascais/Lisbon (Portugal) was another jewel in the crown

for the most important windsurfing racing series of the world. The competitors

enjoyed the unique atmosphere at the most western area of the European continent

and the perfect hospitality of the Portuguese people. A spectacular show was presented

for the media and the spectators. Thousands of people followed the competition

online. Mostly over the official EC Website www.euro-cup.org and the FW Class

Website www.formulawindsurfing.org. But many other pages covered the event additionally.

Several international Magazines will report over the Windsurfing Euro-Cup event

in Cascais/Lisbon.

You can find more information, results, pictures etc. and follow the competitions

online on the official Website of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup www.euro-cup.org and

on the FW Class Website www.formulawindsurfing.org .