The 2003 PWA Hall of Fame inductees have been decided. Like last years

Hall of Fame nominees, this years inductees are pioneers of the sport. All

three are responsible for the advancement to of windsurfing but in very

different ways.

Arnaud de Rosnay - the selection committee has honored Arnaud de Rosnay

posthumously, he was the adventurer of our sport, his cavalier attitude

and search for discovery took him to places that no windsurfer had ever

been. Eventually this is what took his life while attempting to cross the

South China Sea sometime in November 1984.

Mike Waltze - is the watermanof our three, free and stylish in his sailing

he was a true pioneer in the wave sailing discipline and is the man that

brought Hookipa and Maui into the international spotlight during the 80s.

He continues to live on Maui.

Ken Winner Professional Windsurfer, one of the first truly pro-

windsurfers, he was a technical expert, his talent, intense dedication and

attention to detail won him a racing world title and numerous US national

titles. He developed the business of pro- windsurfing and paved the way

for us to follow. He continues to follow this path of technical innovation

and is the designer for North Kites. He lives in Hood River, Oregon.

Mike Waltze

Mike is widely recognized as holding the title of the first person to sail

a short board; he attached a sail to a surfboard (Ken Winner was also

there that day). By taking this momentous step he changed the sport of

windsurfing forever. We could say he took One small step for himself and

one giant leap for Windsurfing!Mike also brought Hookipa to the

windsurfing world by being the first guy to sail it. Mike Waltze now owns

his own film production company and is a professional waterman. Mike was

also a very competitive windsurfer winning the mistral worlds and placing

in the top three in all National one-design events from 1970 1981. Mike

has two girls age 5 and 7.

Further information on Mike Waltze:

Started windsurfing in 1969 with Matt Schweitzer / taught by Hoyle Schweitzer

Began competing in 1970 (10 years old)

Placed top 3 in all national and international one design events from 1970

to 1981

Won first national championships in 1976

Won mistral worlds in 1978

First person to win all 3 disciplines at windsurfer worlds in Okinawa

freestyle, racing, slalom

First windsurfer on Maui with Ken Klied in 1978

First to sail Hookipa in 1978

Experimented sailing on a surfboard in the waves in 1979

Held the first windsurfing wave event on Maui in 1979

Began the Tow in Surfing craze with Laird Hamilton, Kalama, Cabrinah,

Angulo and friends in 1994

Began Kite-surfing with Laird on Maui in 1994

Today, has two girls ages four and six

Part owner of Namotu Island resort in Fiji

Favorites sports today, Surfing, Tow in Surfing at Jaws, and Kitesurfing

and Foilboarding

Still windsurfs but away from crowds on other islands

Involved in Film, commercial, and television production on Maui, Operates

broadcast equipment, film cameras and Avid Editing.

Ken Winner

Former windsurfing world champion.

Born May 4th, 1955, He has lived in Hood River, Oregon, USA for the last

fourteen years. Ken has been involved in windsurfing since 1975 and has

participated in many aspects of the sport and business. He built the first

adjustable boom a feature found on virtually all windsurfers. He also

designed the Mistral WindGlider, the biggest-selling sailing craft in the

world. He built the first foot-adjustable mast track a feature found on

most longboards and all Olympic boards. All in all Ken Winner has made a

significant contribution to the sport of windsurfing. Ken now designs

Kites for the North.

Further information on Ken Winner:


1997 Overall US national champion

1996 Placed second in US nationals

1986 Finished forth in World, retired from pro racing

1984 Ranked 2nd in world

1983 Ranked 2nd in world

First place, heavy-weight division, Olympic class US nationals

1981 First place, heavy-weight division, open class, US nationals

First place, med-heavy division in Windsurfer class, US nationals

1981 First place PanAm Cup (World Cup predecessor)

1980 First place overall at Windsurfer World Championships

1980 First place in division in US national championships

1979 Freestyle Windsurfer world champ

1978 Overall US national champ

1978 Second overall at world championships

1977 Overall world champ

1976 First place in division in US national championships


2002 Designed the North Toro kiteboarding kite.

Designed the North Rhino kiteboarding kite. Set several trends in kite

design: Dacron construction, tip battens, segmented construction.

1999 Co-designed the Longhorncarbon kite control bar, one of the most

popular high-end bars on the market.

1999 Produced the first serious kite boarding how-to video.

1997 Designed, raced and promoted the first modern wide, short boards,

precursors of the current Formula boards.

1995 Developed and patented the anti-ventilation skirt, a device that

improves the speed of short boards in light to moderate winds.

1990 Together with brother Karl Winner, developed an automated,

computerized speed trap for windsurfers.

1986 With Larry Tuttle developed pointerfins, the first

spinout-resistant, highly efficient racing fins. This basic design won the

pro worlds in 86 through 89.

1985 With Larry Tuttle developed the Tuttle box, fin box of choice

among racers

1981 Built some of the first sinkerwave boards first to sail them at

Hookipa, the sports premier surf-sailing venue.

1980 Co-authored a popular windsurfing how-to book.

1980 Developed the carving jibe a maneuver currently used by all

intermediate and advanced windsurfers.


The adventurer. Arnaud de Rosnay was ahead of his time, a man with vision,

not afraid to take risks. He was the forerunner to all traveling

windsurfers, he showed us the freedom and possibilities windsurfing can

bring to us all and will always be remembered. Keep on riding Arnaud.

Arnaud's official website