Saturday June 28, 2003

We are down to the last six men in the mens wave double elimination here

at the PWA 2003, Gran Canaria, Grand Slam. Conditions were epic this

morning with 4-5 foot sets and screaming winds but by late afternoon as we

were approaching the final stages of the double elimination, the waves

seemed to disappear with the outgoing tide and competition was eventually

abandoned at 6pm. After an intense battle between yesterdays losers

bracket the two sailors to emerge from the fleet were fellow Americans,

Matt Pritchard (Gaastra) and Josh Angulo. Pritchard is lined up to meet

Jonas Ceballos (Gaastra, Fanatic) whilst Angulo will face Robby Swift (JP,

Neil Pryde) in the next heats when wave action continues. The winner from

these heats will then face Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Neil Pryde) to decide whole

will meet yesterdays winner, Vidar Jensen (North) in the double

elimination final.

Action kicked off hard and fast this morning with the first heat at 10am.

With Pozos relentless winds howling through well over 40 knots, it looked

like both the mens and womens wave double elimination competitions would

be decided by the end of the day. Wave heats were judged by the best three

jumps and two waves during eight-minute heats, with additional marks being

factored for overall impression.

In the first round Daida Moreno (Mistral, North) was given her second

opportunity to prove herself in the mens fleet, this time up against Nacho

Rocha (JP, Neil Pryde) of Spain. Moreno was easily a match for Rocha in

the jump department but failed to put together two high scoring wave rides

to make up her scorecard. Rocha advanced leaving Daida out of the

competition and able now focus her attention back on winning the womens event.

Current world wave champion, Kevin Pritchard came to blows this afternoon

after losing to Pozo local Dario Ojeda Nilson. Dario is one of the best

sailors here at his home break and busted out some huge one handed back

loops, tweaked table tops and massive delayed forwards in his one on one

with the reigning champ. Pritchard will now have to lend moral support to

his brother Matt who advanced though four heats today over Diony

Guadagnino (Neil Pryde), Greg Allaway (JP, Neil Pryde), Xavier Huart

(Mistral, North) and Orjan Jensen (North). Matt was sailing with his usual

gritted determination today and will no doubt be fired up to take on

fellow Gaastra Team rider Jonas Ceballos in when wave action resumes.

Ricardo Campello (JP, Neil Pryde) of Brazil, nailed several spectacular

double loops in his heats this afternoon but met his match when he came up

against Dutch hell manPeter Volwater who also pulled off a sick double

alongside a monster back loop and a huge delayed forward. Volwater went on

to take down Dario Ojeda Nelson in his next heat but then went down to

Josh Angulo who advanced due to his superior wave riding. Angulo went on

to defeat Jason Polakow (JP, Neil Pryde) in the final heat of the day to

earn his place as one of the final six contenders for the mens wave title.

Julien Taboulet (JP, Neil Pryde) of France seems to have taken the place

of Aussie sailor Steve Allen (Fanatic, Neil Pryde) as master of the table

top forward here in Pozo. The table top forward featured heavily in his

repertoire as Taboulet defeated Victor Fernandez Lopez (Fanatic) and

Australian wave legend Scottie Mckercher (Starboard) before eventually

going down to the ex world wave champion Jason Polakow.

The womens wave competition is also on standby for an exciting climax.

Daida Moreno (Mistral, North) is currently in pole position but the likes

of Anne Marie Reichman (Naish), Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows) and Iballa Moreno

(Mistral, North) are all poised to make their move for the top slot in the

double elimination.

The forecast is calling for screaming winds and the possibility of a new

swell hitting Gran Canaria during the early part of next week. If wave

conditions do not co-operate tomorrow, then we could be moving over into

spectacular freestyle action. Either way all the news, pictures and

results will be updated daily here on

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