For this year's Nea Awards 175 fun and extremesports athletes from 18 different

nations, five videos, five print-ads, five industry-websites and five music

acts are nominated. The Nea Award Show will be held on July 23rd, 2001 during

the worlds biggest sports trade show, the ISPO in Munich (Germany).

126 magazines from 16 different nations took part at the nomination

Supported by printmedia and TV the Nea Awards are the world's biggest base for

fun- and extreme sports. 126 magazines from 16 nations of all 5 continents have

nominated the best athletes of the year 2000 and winter 2000/2001. This means

that more than twice as many editorial offices than last year took part at the

nomination for the Nea Awards 2001.

Kitesurfing is the new category at the Nea Awards 2001

Awards for the best male, best female and best newcomer in eleven sports and

6 Special Awards will recognize excellence in xtreme sports. This year, kitesurfing

is the new category at the Nea Awards. During the last years kitesurfing has

become more and more popular because of the spectacular actions of boardriders.

Online-voting from April 16th until June 30th, 2001

Fans will decide about the Nea Award winners by online voting from April 16th

until June 30th on Profiles and information about the nominees

on the website may help to choose one of five nominees in each category. To

guarantee a fair competition, users have to register before voting. Double voting

is prevented.

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goes online. Games with cool stuff to win and new links are waiting for their

first hits. A new "Nea Style" photo gallery presents "the most

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A selection of nominees are…

Kelly Slater (surfing)

No one has changed and won as much in the world of surfing as Kelly Slater.

After winning 6 world titles, he turned his back to the competition life in

1999. Only once in a while he shows up at world tour events, sees his friends

and scores the title. In 1999 he won his fifth Masters Crown at Pipe in Hawaii

and in 2000 he claimed his 22nd WCT-victory at the Gotcha Tahiti Pro, Teahupoo.

This year he is going to surf the tour again.

Laird Hamilton (surfing)

Men who ride mountains. Laird Hamilton began using a Jet Ski to tow him into

waves that were too big to catch by paddling. When Laird and his friends took

the skis to Jaws, the evolution of big wave surfing was on its way. Their boards

had straps, the ridden waves were on the next level. Hamilton keeps pushing

the limits, latest on August 17th, 2000, at Teahupoo, Tahiti.

Layne Beachley AUS (surfing)

2000 ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Champion. Three times

world champion Layne Beachely is not only a strong competitor, she is one of

the few girls who charges in big waves all around this planet. In her 12 year

WCT (World Championship Tour) career, she claims 21 WCT victories, three during

the 2000 season.

Daida Ruano Moreno (Windsurfing)

PWA Women's Wave & Overall Champion 2000. Daida started windsurfing in 1995.

Within only four years of professional sailing, she made more than just her

dream come true. The 23 year old had a brilliant season and is now ready to

defeat her titles with more fun, more style and aerials.

Shaun White (Snowboarding)

"Future Boy" Shaun White is today (March 2001) second of the Men's

Halfpipe ISF World Championship Ranking. Only 14 years old he's the youngest

halfpipe professional in the world. There'll be a whole new generation of talented

kids growing up with high end gear - but Shaun is the first! This season, one

of his top results is the second place in the Vans Triple Crown Motorola ISF

halfpipe finals.

Nicola Thost (Snowboarding)

She rides like a guy. Her aggressive pipe riding and smooth freeriding style

pushed the level of snowboarding into new dimensions. The 23 year old German

has countless halfpipe titles (Olympic Gold, US Open, Triple Crown, …)

and is amongst the worlds best riders. After an injury in December '99, she

came back to show the snowboarding world one of the highest airs, ever. And

- unfortunately to rupture her knee's ligaments again. But watch out - she'll

be back!

Carey Hart (MotoX)

Carey definitely is one of the most innovative forces in the fastgrowing sport

of freestyle motocross. He set a milestone at last year's Gravity Games by pulling

the first backflip ever on a motobike, raising attention even far beyond the

Motocross community. Stunts like that earned him a spot in a recent Ford commercial,

where he lands his bike on a pick-up truck after spending some quality airtime.

A film about his life won the first price at this year's alternative Sundance

Film Festival in the X-Dance category.

Tony Hawk (Skateboard)

Tony made the transition from the world's halfpipes into everybody's living-room

like no other. After finishing his official contest-career last year, he is

as present as never before: Videogame character, TV-commentator, advertising-testimonial,

businessman or simply the best vertskater of all times - Tony is a living legend.

He has influenced skateboarding for more than 20 years, inventing countless

tricks and building up the popularity it has today.

Robby Naish (Kitesurfing)

In 2000 Robby Naish was honoured for his outstanding windsurfing-career with

the Nea Lifetime Achievement Award. This year he is back again being nominated

amongst the best kite-surfers in the world, for the Nea Kitesurfing Award. At

the "King of the Air 2000" Robby finished second after the master

of kitesurfing "Flash" Austin, who is also nominated in the same category.

Shaun Palmer (Crossover Athlete)

The New York Times called him "America's Greatest Athlete". Put him

on skis, a snowboard, a bike - anything - Shaun goes for the max and fights

his way up to the top. The latest results of his illustrious career is a first

place in the skiercross and a third place in the boardercross at the Gravity

Games 2000 in Mammoth, CA.