The hot weather is supposed to be here for the demo with a little storm

Thursday/Friday to dampen the dust for the weekend.

We are very lucky to be the first shop in the country to have on show 4 new

sails from North along with 2 board ranges from Mistral.

The North sails are all from the new seasons wave and bump+jump range so

come along and see the sails before anybody else.

Mistral have a new wave board range and new board called the Synchro. This

is a bump and jump board so should be good for our coast.

Also as a little surprise we have just had confirmation that Naish are

sending their windsurfing kit along with 2 team riders who can help you with

any aspect of your windsurfing. They will only be at Alton Sunday

Along with all the other equipment to test we will have a good weekend.

P.S. Mersea on Saturday and Alton on Sunday!

More info from:

Mark Minter

Ski Surf

13 Peartree Centre




P. 01206 502000

F. 01206 502002