Fuerteventura PWA Super-X Exhibition Day 3 - Final Day

Thursday July 24, 2003

Kauli Seadi (AHD / Naish) wins PWA Fuerteventura Super-X Exhibition in style!

The final day of this outstanding new windsurfing competition was the most

exiting of all, with breaking waves making the stunts higher and harder

and a tight battle between Kauli and Antoine Albeau (AHD / Neil Pryde) for

first place keeping the pressure on.

After Kauli developed his racing skills yesterday, he needed to beat

Antoine in both rounds today to win overall. With the lead swapping

between each of them throughout the final, it was a neck and neck race in

which Kauli narrowly won, meaning that in the final round of the day,

whoever beat each other out of the two of them, would win overall.

Also in his first finals Peter Volwater (F2 / Arrows) fought his way

through the fleet from starting last to finish fourth, however for the

second time during this weeks Super-X he was disqualified by the judges

for failing to complete the right move; he did a forward loop instead of a

grubby, knocking him back to eighth in the finals and from fifth to

seventh overall.

Seven other competitors were disqualified today for not completing their

tricks sufficiently, typical of every round as they try to cram in as much

as possible to the short reaches.

But the emphasis was very much on fun. Kauli said Its not about winning or

becoming world champion; I never came here thinking I would win, I just

wanted to have fun competing with my friends. Super-X is all about fun

windsurfing and making a good show for the spectators. Thats why I wanted

to sail naked in the finals!Threatened with disqualification, he kept his

clothes on for the heat, but as soon as hed won it, and therefore won

overall, he quickly stripped off naked on the water, whilst windsurfing at

about 40 kph, with his good friend Ricardo Campello (JP / Neil Pryde) whod

finished second in that final, also stripping off before going into a hell

freestyle routine in front of the TV cameras, screaming with laughter all

the way.

The two Brazil nuts, or four in this case, typified the feeling of Super-X

this week, however by 2004 when Super-X has its own PWA World Tour, no

doubt the competition will be more serious with highly evolved equipment.

Julian Taboulet (JP / Neil Pryde) of France slipped from form in the

semi-finals today, but went on to win the losers finals. Fortunately he

had already done enough in the previous round to secure his third place

overall with a consistent string of thirds and fourths throughout the event.

Victor Fernandez Lopez (Fanatic) had another storming day with a third and

a fifth keeping him in fifth place overall whilst Ricardo claimed fourth

overall, narrowly beaten by his team mate Julian.

Martin Brandner of JP Australia was the driving force behind establishing

the Super-X discipline. He explained that one of the concepts of Super-X

is to develop better equipment for the public. In the past race kit was

one extreme and freestyle another, but Super-X will develop kit for the

middle ground; fast boards that turn well.

And one thing is for sure, in 2004 there will be a PWA Super-X World Tour

and World Champion. There were many event organizers over here for this

exhibition and their feeling is very positive.

One of the great advantages of Super-X is the format can be adjusted to

suit any level of competition or venue, by increasing the height of the

jumps, changing the tricks or the length of the course. So get ready for

this wild new school windsurfing freestyle/race format to hit your beach

soon! Or start competing locally now, with simple beach starts, a few chop

hops and duck gybes, or more if you can handle it!