Do you have a production wave board that you think would shine in any test line

up? Have you ever wondered how often you need to replace your wave board? Or how a design from 5 years ago would fare against the very latest 2004

kit? We’re planning to test a selection of classic boards in Pozo this summer, and need your help supplying boards.

At this stage we’re only going to be looking at wave boards, so we need

offers of any classic wave boards that people might have lurking in the back

of garages, or indeed still in active service.

We can’t offer payment, but we do offer the once in a lifetime chance

to get your very own board tested by the official Boards Test Team and written

up in the magazine. And you’ll get it back afterwards as well! The dimensions

we are looking for is rather variable, as widths, lengths and volumes have changed

over the years. However, anything that is designed for wave sailing with small

sails (4.0-5.5) is what we’re after.

So if you’ve got any classic wave board that you think would hold its

own in any test line up, and preferably live fairly near the South Coast so

that we can collect it easily, get in touch! Contact Gregg on 07984 279717 or