2003 Windsurfing Era PWA Formula Racing World Cup Preview

Leba, Poland August 5-10th 2003

The first event of the PWA Formula season is all set to kick off in the

popular holiday resort of Leba on the Polish Baltic coastline. The event

commences on the 5th of August (Registration day) with the first possible

racing on the 6th, running through until the 10th August. The event will

be organized in conjunction with Namaxa agency in Poland and the Polish

Mobile Phone Network ERA.

Situated on the northern coast of Poland, Leba is a renowned for its

summertime crowded beaches and party town atmosphere and is a popular

event venue for Formula racing. Last year over 100 racers battled it out

in front of huge crowds lining the shores of Lebas fantastic beaches. The

courses were set as close to the beach as possible to give the spectators

the best possible show. In the mens division it was Aussie Racer Steve

Allen (Fanatic, Neil Pryde) who took the event victory narrowly ahead of

American sailor Micah Buzianis (Mistral, North) with Polish National hero

Wojtek Brzozowski (Starboard, Neil Pryde) taking third. In the womens

division Dorata Staszewska (Starboard, Gaastra) won convincingly in front

of her home crowds with British sailor Lucy Horwood (Gaastra, AHD) taking

the runner up slot.

This years event will feature all the worlds elite Formula racers

including all the above sailors plus French all rounder Antoine Albeau

(Neil Pryde, AHD), Aussie veteran Phil McGain (Gaastra), Former PWA racing

champion and current Formula Class World Champion, Kevin Pritchard

(Starboard, Gaastra), Canadian race campaigner Sam Ireland (Starboard,

Neil Pryde) and the inform Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (Neil Pryde, Starboard) of


The discipline of Formula Racing is governed by the fact sailors may only

register three production sails and one production board at the beginning

of each event. Minimum wind levels required for racing are usually a

consistent 7 knots around the course and racers are capable of competing

when it blows up over 30 knots.

Winds in Leba last year ranged anywhere from 7-20 knots blowing mostly

side onshore from the right. Most starts were held within one hundred

meters of the beach making for some spectacular viewing. This years event

is lining up to be a huge battle with around $40,000 prize money and

valuable ranking points at stake.

Stay tuned to the PWA web site

as the action unfolds.