Windsurfing Era PWA Formula Racing World Cup Day 2

Andrea Cucchi (Starboard, Neil Pryde) of Italy has moved into

the lead

here on the second day of the Windsurfing Era, PWA 2003, Formula Racing

World Cup. Cucchi currently ranked 12th in the PWA race rankings, took a

fourth and two bullets this afternoon and has moved ahead of Devon Boulon

(F2) who has dropped to second with Kevin Pritchard (Gaastra, Starboard)

moving into third after a solid day at the office. In the womens racing

Dorota Staszewska (Gaastra, Starboard) consolidated her opening victory

yesterday with two further wins and a second. Hot on here heals in Second

is Swiss all rounder Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows) who won the opening race of

the day with Christine Johnston (Gaastra, Starboard) now in third.

Today racing took place in westerly winds blowing between 7 and 12 knots

and was watched by thousands of enthusiastic Polish spectators.

The first mens race of the day saw an excellent victory for Argentinean

sailor Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (Neil Pryde, Starboard) who stormed off the

start line with blistering speed ahead of fellow Australian racers Steve

Allen (Neil Pryde, Starboard) and Phil McGain (Gaastra). The pecking order

stayed the same throughout the race with Andrea Cucchi picking up fourth

and Sam Ireland (Neil Pryde, Starboard) of Canada taking the fifth slot.

The next two races were dominated by twenty seven year old Italian racer

Andrea Cucchi. The Italian was on hot form this afternoon and led both

races from start to finish hitting blistering speeds throughout the

course. In race number two fellow Italian Patrik Diethelm (F2) was also

sailing with phenomenal board speed and took the runner up slot with Micah

Buzianis (Mistral, North) of America taking third.

In the last race of the day Cucchi was once again first off the grid but

this time was chased by Gonzalo Costa Hoevel and Kevin Pritchard. Once

again the sailing order stayed the same for the duration of the race with

Buzianis taking fourth and Miarczynski back in fifth.

Andrea Cucchi (Starboard, Neil Pryde)

I had really good starts and I think I have at least the same speed as

everyone else. It was helping a lot to have a good start because the

upwind leg today was really short. It was not really tactical because you

just needed to go into the beach, tack and then straight out to the mark.

It is not so difficult to hold onto the lead once you have made the first


In the last two races I was clear all the way so it was really easy to

control the fleet underneath me. I am happy because I was in bed for four

days before the event with a bug. I only just started eating again today.

The starts were really hard because there are so many people and even

twenty seconds before the start everybody is just standing. Right before

the green flag everybody starts to pump. The swells are quite high and if

you get stuck behind one it is impossible to get planning. My tactic was

to come from behind with speed and find the emptiest spot on the starting

line. I dont care if it was a good place to start I just go through the gap

Last years winner here in Poland Steve Allen (Neil Pryde, Fanatic) has

started badly after the first two days here in Poland and is currently

back in ninth.

Steve Allen (Fanatic, Neil Pryde)

I have had better starts at a regatta. It is really tricky sailing and I

havent had too much luck out there so far. Yesterday I had three perfect

starts but all those races were general recalls. The one start that

counted I had a bad one and then went on the wrong side of the course.

Today I had a killer start in the first race and they called it off for

lack of wind. I was miles ahead. In the next race I hit a sand bank but

still finished second and in the third race I made another mistake. I

tried to make the downwind mark in one go, I pumped so hard I had no more

power to fight the rest of the race. I have to clear my head and hope for

one day with solid consistent winds and I get a rhythm going or something.

The speed I saw Cucchi going today in the last two races was pretty

impressive. If these conditions continue it is going to be hard to get up

there. Last year I was in a similar position at this stage so anything is

possible and I won. You never know anything can happen.

The womens racing today was dominated by Dorota Staszewska (Gaastra,

Starboard) who won the first and third races with Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows)

of Switzerland winning race number two. Dorota is a favorite with the

spectators here in Poland and was literally swarmed by the crowds after

her race victories. She now has three wins and a second after four races

and looks like she is once again going to be the dominating force here in

Poland. Jaggi and Christine Johnson (Gaastra, Starboard) are both still in

the running although the battle for second is extremely tight.

With two days of official racing remaining here in Poland both mens and

womens divisions are still wide open. The forecast for wind is looking

excellent and no doubt the racing results here in Leba will go down to the

wire on Saturday. Huge parties have also been organized for both Friday

and Saturday night so it looks like we are going to be in for a busy few

days as the competition reaches its climax.


1. Andrea Cucchi (Starboard, Neil Pryde)

2. Devon Boulon (F2)

3. Kevin Pritchard (Gaastra, Starboard)

4. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (Starboard, Neil Pryde)

5. Przemek Miarczynski (Fanatic, Neil Pryde)

6. Sam Ireland (Neil Pryde, Starboard)


1. Dorota Staszewska (Gaastra, Starboard)

2. Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows)

3. Christine Johnston (Gaastra, Starboard)

4. Christine Becker (Starboard)