SAS demo South West Water - Chief Exec stays away

South West Water Chief Executive Bob Baty, failed to come out and meet protestors

from Surfers Against Sewage when the pressure group demo'd the company at their

headquarters on Friday morning.

The surfers had invited Mr Baty to come and put his head in the stocks as 'punishment'

for the companies repeated environmental offences. The surfers were further

fuelled by recent pollution incidents at a number of the regions beaches.

The demo went ahead with SAS putting their own Bob Baty look-alike in the stocks

and pelting him with water filled condoms and spray from water pistols. A letter

detailing the surfers complaints and concerns was delivered to a SWW spokesperson

for Bob Baty's attention.

SAS, Richard Hardy: "There has been a series of pollution incidents at

the regions beaches this summer involving South West Water. There's absolutely

no excuse for this poor performance. We expect sewage treatment works to operate

correctly and for beaches to be sewage free - at the moment SWW are failing

to deliver. We will continue to push this issue with the company until we reach

a satisfactory conclusion!"

Beaches that have been blighted by sewage pollution over the past few months

have included Gwithian, Teignmouth, Dawlish and St Agnes. It would appear that

certain sewage treatment works are unable to cope with the loads placed on them.

This could be due to substandard equipment being used or to a growth in population

that hasn't been accounted for in the companies forward planning - either way

the situation is unsatisfactory.

"We pay our water bills on the understanding that the company will treat

our sewage and supply us with clean water. Our water bills are the highest in

the country, we don't want second- rate solutions, we want the best and we expect

South West Water to deliver the best".

SAS plan to meet with South West Water in October.