A delegation of clean water campaigners from Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) are hitting the road to Strasbourg early next week to deliver 'clean water' messages to MEP's at the European Parliament when they vote on a new Bathing Water Directive.

The gas masked surfers wearing wetsuits and holding surfboards will time their arrival so as they will be the last thing MEP's see before they vote on new bathing water legislation at the Louise Weiss building of the European Parliament in Allee du Printemps, Strasbourg on Tuesday 21st October.

They will also be joined by Green MEP Dr Caroline Lucas who has been a leading advocate for reform on the Directive and to secure better protection for the marine environment and those who use it.

PHOTOCALL: At 11:00am on Tuesday 21st October outside the main entrance of the European Parliament's Louise Weiss building, surfers will layout 'messages in bottles' to give to MEP's as they arrive to vote on the Directive. The PLEA FOR HELP! messages inside the bottles will call on MEP's to vote for new legislation that will provide tougher water quality standards, a more practical management approach taken at bathing waters where the public are provided with up to date information and for recreational water users to be recognised in the legislation to give them and the environment better protection.