Due to the lack of access being given to Surf the Marina at Brighton, "Concerned Surfers of Brighton Marina", will today be attempting to gain access to the wave.

We will be armed with a video camera, and are prepared to be arrested, and make the front pages!We believe Brighton and Hove Council's Reneging on the Agreement made with our National Association (the BSA 01637876474) on 07/02/2003 is a testimony of Brighton and Hove Council's failure to understand the importance of our Natural Environment and of the Tourist Value of the area (£1 million p.a.).

Brighton and Hove Council is using beefy builders and the Police to threaten young surfers and prevent them from accessing the water. The Police in turn are recommending that surfers park in the Marina, and jump over the sea wall. We consider this dangerous and irresponsible, and believe that the Police do NOT have the right to restrict access from Her Majesty's High Water Mark. Ask for a 400kb doc for the history of this issue. We further believe that Brighton and Hove Council, rather than promoting a clean and honest sport, "prefer the youth of Brighton & Hove to take hard drugs and mug old ladies", we believe this to be misguided. What do we want? - our legal right to Surf Neptunes waves and our legal right to access to Her Majesty's High Water Mark.

If Brighton and Hove Council maintain that it is dangerous walk down to the beach, why can we not be supervised by their Security guards / walked down to the beach?We would like to thank the Argus and Local and National Television for helping to highlight this issue, without your help Brighton and Hove Council would have destroyed one of the South Coasts premier reef breaks, and a SSSI protected environment - Now we want to stop them trying to kill our sport (which only occurs during the winter season on the South Coast). Aloha, keep surfing! "Concerned Surfers of Brighton Marina" dontdestroyourreef@hotmail.com