The riders and staff from the Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA) are

waiting for the torrential rains to cease on the opening day of the 2nd

Annual Maduro Bonaire PWA King of the Caribbean. Mother nature has decided

to open up the sky to what some say is the most rain seen in Bonaire since

1997. Despite the bleak weather conditions staff, volunteers and riders are

still preparing for the long awaited island event.

Along with this week's rain the island has been blessed with the the winds

needed to insure a successful week of freestyle. All of the riders have

arrived and are settled into the many hotels on island. Colin Siferlen from

New Caladonia has been training on the island for two weeks. Colin has

expressed how much he has enjoyed the island hospitatlity. The talented

Moreno twins from Grand Canaria celebrated their birthday yesterday on

Bonaire. Daida, one of the top woman windsurfers injured her thigh while

training but expects to compete Wed. when the heats begin. Many of the

sailors on this year's tour are under the age of 16. Fourteen year old

Marcielo Browne from Fortuleza, Brazil traveled to Bonaire solo to compete

against this year's best riders.

Team USA representing over 10 youths and teens from all over the US are on

island with their parents. These youths supported by the United States

Windsurfing Association (USWA) have been anticipating this event by

training in their home bases of Maui, California, Long Island, Cape Cod and

beyond. Coaches Jace Panebianco and Peter Dekay are on hand to lend support

and expertise during this international event. Several here on Bonaire for

the first time are anxious to compete against the Bonaire Sailing Team. This

team of talented windsurf hot shots are surely the crowd favorites to watch

this year.

The 2nd Annual Bonaire PWA King of the Caribbean is sponsored by Maduro &

Curiels Bank/Bonaire, Coastal Fuels Bonaire, PWA, Heineken, BSAF, BHG,

BONHATA, TCB inc. and many island sponsors.