White Air is pleased to announce the International Windsurfing Festival for 2004

The International Windsurfing Festival. For the first time anywhere in the UK 'White Air' 2004 will inlcude all the Windsurfing disciplines at one place, one time and on an International scale... Course Racing, Slalom Racing, Wavesailing and Freestyle (Freewave). What's more every competitor will have the chance to enter all three disciplines at the White Air festival because no events will overlap....

White Air has set the stage.....

..... to find the ultimate 'waterman' and 'waterwoman' for 2004.

White Air Festival

Oct 22nd-31st 2004 (+option 16th/17th) (copy and paste links into browser)

EVENTSThe International Windsurfing Festival 2004

1: Course Racing British Open

Womens Freewave Invitational

Mens Freewave Invitational

Slalom Race Open


Event Listing 2004

'Europes largest Extreme Sports festival' brings together the elite to compete in the championship finals of ten awesome watersports and landsports. From the sheer radical style of the Kiteboarders, Windsurfers, and Surfers to the Zapcats. More than 400 competitors creating intense action on land and sea throughout nine days. Backed up with the UK's premier trade and demo displays. Entertainment every day and every night.


Stop press - May 29th-31st 'White Air' presents 'URBAN BEACH'.. kick starting the summer in style with an action packed bank holiday weekend bringing urban sports to the beach, together with the live music festival, kitesurfing, triathlon, watersports, volleyball, trade show and demos..all for one huge 'beach party'

More details on the way soon!

For more details on White Air sponsorship, the Trade and Demo Show 2004, and the events please visit: