The All New Moonbeach Retreat

Well - not quite all new. The excellent windsurfing, first rate coaching and their impressive tailor made service is still as much the focus as ever at Moonbeach in the Red Sea. But now there are some great holiday choices for those not so dedicated and for friends with different interests. The Yoga is in full swing with a new look studio whilst massage is now the perfect end to a windy day on the water. There is a new IKO kitesurf centre and instructor training courses - but windsurfers do not fear!...with a maximum of 6 kite students, beginner sessions in a separate spacious bay and intermediate kiting strictly in its own downwind area, there is uncrowded cohabitation without cheesewiring.

The awesome ancient pyramids and Mount Sinai are unsurprisingly still very much there and watch this space for development of desert safari options. The unique Active Relaxation Retreat kicks off from April 1st and the new brochure is out now. Check out the new look:

Gybemasters 01580 753824