Xavier Ferlet & John Hibbard get entry for Bercy indoor trials

Xavier Ferlet and John Hibbard got an entry for the trials at the Bercy

Indoor (slalom for both and jumps as well for John). The two UK riders

will face tough opposition to qualify for the Saturady evening show as

other candidates in the trials include Ricardo Campello and Douglas

Diaz. Lesser known entrants in the trials are Xavier Huart and Oliver-Tom

Schleimann. Xavier Huart has shown good performance in previous Bercy

events and Oliver-Tom Schliemann is very light so they should also be very

serious contenders.

John got 2nd place at the UK indoor jump competition in London. Xav got

3rd place in the UK indoor slalom (ahead of John!). Both will try to make

the most of the valuable experience gained at the London Boat Show against

other competitors in Paris.

The coveted prize for the top two out of nine slalom trial entrants will

be to compete in the Saturday night show against invited competitors who

include legends like Robby Naish, Robert Teriitehau, Bjorn Dunkerbeck,

Erik Thieme and Kauli Seadi. Antoine Albeau is also invited for the

show. Although Antoine's size isn't ideal for indoor performance, he's so

fit that he could well cause some surprises!

Xavier Ferlet - sponsored by Starboard, Gaastra, Sola, Cosworth and Fiberspar