Rhosneigr Windsurfer David West-Watson is running the London Marathon on 18 April to raise money for UNICEF. David is particularly keen to help children in the Philippines, where the trade in child trafficking and child labour has reached appalling levels.

David ran the London Marathon in 1998 and 2000 for King George's fund for Sailors, then the British Sailors' Society, receiving fantastic support and raising an amazing £5,520.

He's trained hard for this one, and is hoping to raise even more. David works on ships for half the year (which he says explains why his windsurfing windsurfing improves so slowly!), and as jogged on supertankers, coasters, and some exotic places around the world, but normally puts in his miles around a dock somewhere.

We reckon that sort of dedication is well worth supporting, so if you'd like to sponsor David, you'll find him by the blue tractor on Rhosneigr beach when it's windy. If he's not there just ask for him at Funsport windsurfing shop, or go along to www.justgiving.com/DAVIDWW