Nestea confirmed as Title Sponsor for the 2004 PWA Racing World Tour

In a major step for windsurfing, global drinks brand Nestea have confirmed their status as Title Sponsor of the PWA Racing World Tour. Following sponsorship by the blue chip brand in a deal secured by Proteus Sports Limited for an undisclosed sum, the Racing Tour will now be known as the Nestea PWA World Windsurf Racing Tour. This major development will mean growth for the PWA with investment into the World Tour, including a new event in Hungary.

The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) is based in Hawaii and is the operator of the Windsurfing World Cup Tour. Each calendar year the best men and women windsurfers on the planet travel the world visiting exotic locations in search of wind and waves – and a new World Champion. There are several disciplines of windsurfing on the World Tour including Wave Performance, Freestyle and Racing. Where Wave and Freestyle demand complicated tricks both in the air and on the water, Racing is about graceful speed around a course. A champion must harness the powerful natural elements of wind and water.

It is this series of Racing events that Nestea have chosen to sponsor. Says Peter Hatzfeld, Marketing Manager for Nestea in Europe “The sun, the water, the waves, cruising with the wind at your back; watersports are the perfect, all-natural experience and Nestea has an emotional bond with this watersports arena. And it’s not only active participants that are affected by windsurfing, the sport has a whole lifestyle connotation which makes it attractive to the public – whether on the beach or in arm chairs at home. Windsurfing is refreshing, uplifting, revitalizing and natural – just like the great taste of Nestea!

Windsurfing is an excellent point of entry into the arena of watersports and we are working with the elite of the sport, the PWA, and a World Tour. This will enhance the credibility of Nestea in the arena and Nestea will fast become a natural part of the beach scene."

The Nestea PWA World Windsurf Racing Tour consists of four events and the 2004 season is as follows:

… The Gran Canaria PWA Super Grand Slam, Spain. 10-22 August. … The Nestea Hungarian World Cup, Hungary. 31 August – 5 September.. … The Labello Sylt World Cup, Germany. 25 September – 3 October. … The Almanarre World Cup, France. 17-23 October.

Through the year the competitors earn points towards an end of season total; these totals produce the winner and a new World Champion is crowned.

Nestea will have a strong presence throughout the events with branding on all sails, all competitors and at race sites. Adding further momentum to the sponsorship package is Title Sponsorship of the new Hungarian event which will start in August on Lake Balaton.

Says Phil McGain, Chairman of the PWA “Over the past few years the sport has seen a renaissance with greater numbers participating, new and bigger events – and now this, the signing of a major global brand who will support the sport. As a professional sport we understand that we have obligations to our new sponsors but we also understand that it is sponsors like Nestea that help a sport to develop and grow. Now we will grow together"..

Promoter for the PWA World Tour is Hong Kong-based sports marketing company Proteus Sports Limited. Says Managing Director Andrew Owen “this is a great opportunity for the sport. Now we have found a sponsor who will help push windsurfing in front of the world for people to enjoy – and be inspired by. And Nestea is a perfect partner – a company that will invest in the sport and contribute to its growth over the long term. We look forward to a great season of competitive racing and a bright future".