The Team looking strong for the 2001 season!

The Team's Matt Prichard and Scott Fenton were in full force today in this

the last day of the Terzo Garam Japan Cup. A full contingent of Maui sailors

made the trip to Japan as well including Angulo, Stone, Katchadorian and Siver.

An unexpected change of conditions early in the afternoon saw increasing breeze

from the left and small waves surprising everyone including the Omaezaki locals.

The committee decided to go ahead with a wave/freestyle competition at 2pm..

Matt Pritchard, keen for a comeback from injury last year, was warming up early

and getting ready for some high action freestyle. Armed with the new Gaastra

Echo 6.2 freestyle sail he willy skipped and looped his way to the final taking

out Team Mate Fenton in the semi finals.

Fenton, not usually renowned for freestyle sailing surprised even himself as

he finished the day in 3rd with a big smile on his face.

Fenton: "I had fun today. I came over here mainly to do some promotion

for my board sponsor, Burleigh Heads. We did not think there was going to be

wind today so I was out with the boss singing Karaoke until all hours of the

night. Maybe I should do that more often!! It was great to get out on the water

and be competing again after a long break. It's a good way to start the season."

Pritchard went up against Andy Wolf in the final. It was a closely fought battle

with Matt taking the win with a dynamic combination of wave riding and freestyle.

Pritchard: "I am just so relieved that I was able to win the bet I had

with Scott for dinner at Mc Donalds tonight. That was all the motivation I needed.

Scott put me under some pressure in the semi finals. He always seems to step

it up when he competes against me. Anyway I am really happy to win here. The

hospitality has been fantastic and I will definitely be coming back for another

go next year. "

Matt and Scott now head to Gran Canaria, meeting up with Kevin who is already

there training for the upcoming Wave Grand Prix in Vargos next week.