The 2004 HT Mobile Soul & Style, Croatia PWA Freestyle Qualifier - Day 2

Sunshine returns for a guest appearance, but rain returns as the wind fails to materialize.

The second day of competition has once again been a little washed out after early sunshine and promise of wind was quickly replaced by torrential rain, in what can only be described as very uncharacteristic weather for this part of the world in June!

At the 10 o'clock skippers meeting this morning, PWA Competition Director, Klaus Michel postponed the start of competition for what was expected to be just a temporary holding period, but within just a few hours, the burning blue skies had been replaced with moody, foreboding clouds, that brought with them the threat of rain.

By early afternoon, the threat had become very real and the skies once more opened up to shower the spectacular Croatian beaches and hillsides with repeated rain squalls. Typically at this time of year, visitors to the region can normally expect beautiful, clear sunny days and regular thermal winds in the afternoon, but so far the weather god's have not smiled upon this years HT Mobile Soul & Style.

Forecasts for the remainder of the event still hold a lot of potential and we hope to be able to bring you reports of action tomorrow.