The 2004 HT Mobile Soul & Style, Croatia PWA Freestyle Qualifier - Day 3

Skies clear in preparation for the final day as wind refuses to play ball once again in Croatia.

The rain clouds that have haunted the 2004 HT Mobile Soul & Style here in Croatia finally moved away leaving beautifully clear air in the wake of the recent storms. Once again, the striking mountainous scenery of the nearby islands seemed just a stones-throw away as it reflected in the shimmering blue waters of the Adriatic. Unfortunately for most of the sailors on the beach, the fact that the reflections were so clear was only possible due to the very still conditions.

Once again the PWA Competition Director, Klaus Michel, was forced to raise the postponement flag at the 10 o'clock skippers meeting and the sailors went back into a holding pattern.

Despite the lack of conditions so far, the 2004 HT Mobile Soul & Style, which is the first PWA event ever in Croatia, is generating huge amounts of media interest. TV crews and journalist have flocked to the island of Brac for the final weekend of the event with the hope of catching the action and getting up close and personal with a few of the stars.

As another day draws to a close, the conditions have settled into a more normal pattern and all the signs are pointing in the right direction for wind tomorrow. This evening will see one of the biggest parties of the week so far and a self-surf-sacrifice has never done any harm when trying to generate wind!!