It was a frustrating day here at the Vargas, Gran Canaria, PWA Wave Grand Prix.

Despite wind and waves throughout the day the conditions were marginal making

it difficult to hold official competition. First thing this morning the scenario

looked far more promising with a good swell and wind at the beach. Unusually for

the Canary Islands by mid morning the clouds rolled in causing the wind to drop

and turn very gusty.

By mid afternoon head wave judge Klaus Michael deemed that it was suitable

to start competing and several heats were held in tough and testing conditions.

Three women’s heats were completed before before competition was eventually

abandoned due to diminishing wind and waves. Daida (North, Mistral) and Iballa

Moreno (North, Mistral) both sailed extremely well in the tricky conditions

and have ensured their respective places in the semi final. Facing Iballa Moreno

in the top half of the draw will be Ex-world champion Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows)

whilst current Overall World Champion Daida will be up against Greek sailor,

Tony Frey (RRD). The Moreno sisters are on track for a head to head battle in

the final although Frey and Jaggi will obviously have other ideas!

The eight remaining contenders in the men’s single elimination remain

on standby. With two days to go, it is anybody’s guess as to who will take

victory here in Vargas. All we can be sure of here in Gran Canaria is that we

are headed for an epic climax to the competition.

DAIDA MORENO (Mistral, North)

“The conditions were a little bit marginal out there, the waves were small

and it was difficult to really do anything. We could have a Moreno sister’s

final on our hands, I hope so, we both are going to go for it. I am trying to

win but I guess my sister is doing the same"


“My next heat is against Xavier who beat Francisco in the second round.

He didn’t beat Francisco for nothing so he must have been sailing pretty

well. I hope these clouds go away and we get a chance to compete during the

last couple of days! I am ready to bust out some doubles that is the highest

scoring jump I can do"

BJORN DUNKERBECK (Proof, Neil Pryde)

“Today did not get as good as I thought it was going to be. It was the

clouds! My next heat is against Marcos, he is one of the better locals here.

He is local, he knows the conditions and he is hungry! If I have a bad heat

and he has a good heat I will definitely be out!"

XAVIER HUART (North, Mistral)

“I beat Goya yesterday! I was a bit surprised, I did not see what he did

but I didn’t think he sailed that well. My next heat is against Volwater,

it should be a close battle. I don’t know if I can win the event, anything

is possible, I am taking it round by round, I am not Bjorn Dunkerbeck!"


“Yesterday, the conditions were very similar to where I sail at home in

the North of France. I enjoyed it very much. We have trained very hard in waveriding

and you can see the results of the French guys here are very good. I have Josh

Angulo in the next heat, that is fine he is not a port tack sailor and I am!

It is going to be tough to win the event, if I beat Josh, then I have Bjorn

and he is sailing really well!"