Jim Brooks-Dowsett, Amateur Representative of the British Wavesailing Association, has news of their annual amateur prize...


It's been a great year for Amateur Windsurfing on the BWA tour, and as we come to the end and reflect on individuals efforts and performance it wasn't hard to award this prize!

Simmerstyle kindly donated a new sail for the year, accompanied with a Teamrider deal with Simmer hosted by the winners local shop, and this year it had to go to Youth Champion Aleksy Gayda!

With fantastic support and backing from his dad 'Dave' throughout the year, Aleksy has shown some real good spirit and fantastic sailing skills for such a young lad! Having seen some real talent in all the comp's he entered, and expecting him to give some of the older sailors a run for their money, we've also taken the decision to promote him up the ranks to full Amateur next year and help him to push himself further.....

BWA Amateur Representative Jim Brooks said "It's been a goal of ours to boost the number of Amateurs across the board this year, and we are especially keen to help encourage and support the youth sailors out there progress in wavesailing, there just aren't enough and these guys could be tomorrow's legends! With growing support from brands such as Simmer the opportunities in windsurfing are just getting better"

SX Watersports had already spotted Aleksy's talents, and offered him good backing for the event in Cornwall and are real stoked to have him on board now as a fully fledged 'Teamrider' for Simmerstyle Sails! Check them out at www.sxwatersports.com for more info and future news on Aleksy's progress.

We look forward to seeing how he does next year in the hotly contended Amateur Championships, and wish him the very best of luck moving forward!

British Wavesailing Association