The Christmas spirit is ramping up and now all the UK shops are getting involved, offering you some fantastic deals over the festive period. Watch this space, more and more deals and top gift ideas will be added until the big day.

Here's our run down of the top offers:

Boardwise Boards discount codes.

Discount Unifiber masts, plus half price extensions.

Half price North extensions.

Free delivery and an extra 10% from Juice.

10% off at Quayside Windsurfers.

Special offer from RoHo.

[part title="Half price North extensions"]


Bring in your old North Power XT extensions of all kinds and you can get half price on the new 2014 Power XT 2.0 range, INCLUDING the Power XT 2.0 SHOX.

Call or e-mail us today to find out how to register - 01924 444888,

Limited time offer so don't hang around!

[part title="Juice Boardsports latest"]

Juice Boardsports

Over the festive period Juice Boardsports are offering free delivery on everything, including all of their awesome gift ideas, which you can check out here.

They will also give you an incredible 10% extra on the worth of any vouchers that you buy, so if you're struggling to know what to get a windsurfing friend then this could be the perfect option!

Check out more from Juice Boardsports here.

[part title="Quayside Windsurfers"]


Check out all the gifts on offer from Quayside Windsurfers here.

[part title="RoHo Xmas Special"]

**SPECIAL OFFER from Robin Hood Watersports**

north14 unit show extension

North Shox XTR extensions only £149 in SDM or RDM, or £199 when purchased with a shox base.

North Shox UNI XT RDM extension only £109, or £159 when purchased with a shox base.

Head on over to the RoHo extensions page here for all the details and to purchase.

[part title="Unifiber from 4Boards"]

Unifiber masts

4Boards are offering Unifiber masts, not only at rock bottom prices, but also with half price extensions!

If you buy a Unifiber mast before the 6th of January 2014, from here, then 4Boards will deduct 50% off the price of what ever mast extension you would like, too. This is a win win in our book! Cut price mast, plus half prize extension - we know what we're asking Santa for!

[part title="Boardwise Boards special offer"]

Boardwise are offering a very special deal just for Boards readers...


We have some very special voucher codes, that when entered will save you even more ££ off of the latest holiday deals from Boardwise! All you need to do is click below, head to their site and pop in the relevant code on your purchase. Simples.

Click here for the offer.