Looking for a sail that’s quick and easy to use, and offers the best way to progress in windsurfing today? Then why not try out the new Nova rig package. If you’re a beginner to intermediate who enjoys leisure sailing on relatively flat water, then this baby is going to be your ticket to a great summer. This new sail from BiC has been designed with pure simplicity and durability in mind, and is ideally suited with the Nova range of boards, allowing you to learn and progress into windsurfing without worrying about your kit! Throughout the world of windsurfing BiC has made a name for offering top quality products, at affordable prices, meaning that it won’t burn a massive hole in your pocket, and you can rest assured that you will be getting top quality gear – keeping you on the water for longer, and out of the repair shop!


The Nova sail has been designed on a fixed mast and boom length, so when you get to the beach all you have to do is thread the mast up the sail, pull the downhaul to the base of the mast, the outhaul to the clew of the boom, and then go sailing – easy! This means you’ll spend less time on the shore faffing with your kit, and more time actually doing the fun stuff.


The sail is made from tough Dacron, and is well reinforced and super-hardwearing, making it great for intensive use. The mast is made with a durable composite construction, while the boom has a minimum number of moveable parts, making it easy to use, lightweight, and durable.


The Nova is aimed at beginner to intermediate windsurfers who want to easily progress in the sport, and is priced from £229 for rig only. For clubs, the Nova offers a tough, versatile rig package for intensive use by learning windsurfers and funboarders, meaning you’ll have reliable equipment that can handle the pressure. A complete package of board and rig starts at around £999. The Nova board is available in 165, 170D (with daggerboard) and 210D.


With this great product, at an affordable price, BiC is sure that you will have a great season on the water. And with an even better range than before, if the Nova isn’t for you, you’re bound to find something to suit your needs. For more information and to find your nearest retailer go to

Photos: Bernard Biancotto