Want to learn or teach windsurfing, but never quite found the right mix of stability and durability? Well, look again because Bic think they have the solution to make windsurfing even better than before! With Bic’s latest water-baby – the Beach.

Bic Windsurf has launched a brand new range of boards, meaning it’s now easier than ever to learn to windsurf.

Over the years, beginner level windsurf boards have made considerable progress when it comes to stability, but are nevertheless frequently a bit fragile for the kind of intensive use they get. Responding to this need from windsurf clubs, Bic Windsurf has come up with a new solution. The Beach is the result of an innovative mix of technologies already to be found on BIC surfboards and kayaks, and the end result is a board that offers top balance, whilst maintaining strength and stability.

The outer skin of polyethylene is the same as that used on Bic Sport Kayaks, proven to be a strong and durable material, while the internal construction borrows from the Bic ACS surfboard, providing massive knock-resistance and creating a better beginner’s board overall.

The shapes have been developed with maximum stability for beginners, but are still very maneuverable to help with learning progression moves.

Tamzin Hurley, of Ultra Sport Europe, says: “Taking all the factors of the Beach into consideration, there’s no doubting that this new Bic baby will definitely be one for all the windsurf schools up and down the country who are looking for good, solid, modern and easy to learn on boards."

The Beach is available in two volumes - 175L and 225L, both come with a retractable daggerboard system and RRP is £649.

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