Whilst up here at BWA Rhosneigr we sat down with 10 of the competitors to find out the most valuable windsurfing tip they had, these are not only great tips for wavesailors but can help improve everyone's windsurfing.

James Cox in Southbourne. Image credit James Bowden.

Will Barrett - use your harness efficiently!

Alfie Hart - attack white water - go straight into it, to get over it.

James Cox - learn to tack on small gear!

Mike Archer - go for it! Fully commit to whatever you're learning; don't half try, it won't work.

Ben Proffitt - video yourself! Get someone to film you and compare it to someone doing whatever you would like to learn well.

Adam Lewis - make your footstraps bigger.

Mark 'Sparky' Hosegood - wave ride the sail as well as the board, move your hands up and down the boom. Use your upper body, not just the board and your ankles/feet.

Matt Cude - l always stay in my straps, even when the wind drops, this helps me stay right on my tip toes.

Phil Horrocks - stand on your harness when you're putting your wetsuit on! It'll save your feet if there's gravel or anything around!

Justyna Sniady - if something isn't working, change it. Don't just carry on making the same mistakes over and over!