After so many years on JP/Pryde, Colin 'Whippy' Dixon is moving to Starboard/Severne, read on to find out more...

We caught up with Colin about the change and his plans for 2012, here's what he had to say:

"I am so, so excited about 2012. What a year this is going to be!

I have just signed with Starboard and Severne. The iSonic is super fast and I have just won Dahab Slalom week on it. My Flare is poping and spinning like a dream, and the Severne sails give so much control, it makes everything oh so easy.

Plus – Starting WindSurfCoaching and the new coaching Dvd coming out soon.

Plus – Looking forward to a epic season with Clubvass,

Plus – Attending quite a few of the big windsurfing events around Europe.

It is going to be GREAT! Hope to see you there – come and see me and my new toys!"

Colin's other sponsors are

Clubvass, Boardwise, WindSurfCoaching, Dwarf8