Q) Are you a windsurfer?

A) Err yes, of course!

Q) How often?

A) Not often enough!

Q) Want to make this brilliant sport more sociable?


And the solution? Fun racing on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings from Easter onwards organised by H2O Sports in Sandbanks, Poole. Longer evenings are on the way and the water's warming up, so the idea is to race with no excuses on boards less than 340cm with a daggerboard. In fact boards are even provided. The board manufactures have done their job; there are wide boards with daggerboards that can be sailed from Force 0 to Force 6. It’s about grins not gear! Simple and short courses will allow as many races as possible to take place in a couple of hours and because the emphasis is on a fun, everyone can compete, with different courses for different levels, perhaps one lap for newcomers and a couple for more experienced sailors. It's that simple, turn up either at Evening Hill Sandbanks or Baiter Park to suit the tides, bring your own rig and board if you've got one, frisbees, dogs, barbies and children are also welcome. Impromptu freestyle, ‘follow-my-leader’ and short board technique sessions could occur between races. Matt, James, Tom, Andy and other local windsurfing celebs may well be available in the pub afterwards if you want to thank them in the traditional way. No excuses, let's do it. Call H2O Sports for times and dates - 01202 733744...