Guincho - 19th April


This is an Open Event and will take place

between 30th May and 2nd June 2002 in one of the more radical wave spots in

the Planet: Guincho and is disputed in Wave performance and Freestyle disciplines,

the most competitive and mediatic disciplines in Funboard. This wave beach is

unique in that it is just 15 kilometres north of a capital city, Lisbon.

Able to drag crowds all over the world this discipline is similar to surf but

it also has manoeuvres executed above the waves. The wave performance is a spectacular

discipline, not only because of the show given by the discipline itself but

also because it transmits to the public all the emotions lived by the competitors.

With an ability to attract the media in a global level, the ESTORIL COAST OVERPOWER

WAVE CONTEST 2002 has from the start a strong power of communication, due to

the importance of the event.

The presentation to the Press of the ESTORIL COAST OVERPOWER WAVE CONTEST 2002

will be held in Casino do Estoril on 14th May at 7 p.m., near from the spot,

where will take place a cocktail offered by this great luxury Casino.

During the Press Conference there will be a Windsurf Simulator in the Du Arte

Garden Bar, set up especially for Media purposes.

To know everything there is to know about the Event go to our official site:

Press Releases and Photos provided by OLYMPUS DIGITAL are also available to

all the National and International Media.

Waves and Wind are promised for this Competition and we are waiting for you.

Next Press Release on 30th April