Report from the Super Session and Final results...

With Tweets and Facebook posts bouncing around about a huge sandstorm and nuclear winds in the Sinai, riders prepared for the second day of competition at the Dahab Watersports Festival. Greeted by winds of 30-35 knots, the fleet assembled at Club Dahab for the skippers meeting. Not everyone from the first day of competition could attend, so a Super Session was planned to make the most of the howling winds.

The plan was simple: 15 minutes, all the riders on the water and the best move takes the win. What followed was a quarter of an hour of non-stop action as the riders tried to best each other with the biggest moves possible. Judged by Colin 'Whippy' Dixon, World Champion Sarah-Quita Offringa and fellow PWA freestylers Laure Treboux and Arriane Aukes, the results were announced on the beach.

Taking the win was Adam Sims with a clean One-Handed Burner, followed in joint second by Jamie Drummond (One-Handed Ponch) and Russian sailor Vova with an Air Funnell. It was the turn of the ladies and local sailors next. Right on the buzzer, Sarah-Quita Offringa nailed a super-clean Double Spock, backing it up with a super clean Switch Kono - guaranteeing the win straight away! Local sailor Mo threw a radical Burner to take second place and Swiss sailor Laure Treboux slid through a sick Shove-It Spock for Third place.

The windsurf competition part of the Dahab Festival appears to have been a great success, here are the full results:

Overall Competition

1. Jamie Drummond

2. Vladimir Yakolev

3. Loick Spicher

4. Mohammed Eid

Super Session

1. Adam Sims

2. Jamie Drummond

3. Vova

Ladies/Locals Super Session

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa

2. Mohammed Eid

3. Laure Treboux

Jamie Drummond has updated his blog with a report from the event, check it out HERE.

All photos are courtesy of Toby and Fi at