We'll start the round-up off with some wise words from our friends at Big Salty today...

Bigsalty Weather - Invite the UninvitingMake the most out of the weather 100% of the time. Bigsalty Weather invites the uninviting.

Posted by Big Salty Weather on Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Also, there's a full update from Windsurf Round Britain as Jono Dunnett has now made it all the way BACK from Northern Ireland... sounds like the crossing went without a hitch! He is now more than halfway around his mission...just another half to go! Fingers crossed the conditions continue to provide him with some consistent yet easy-going conditions for the rest of his journey.

A few words on how the crossing went (quite uneventful really!)http://www.windsurfroundbritain.co.uk/update/northern-ireland-scotland

Posted by Windsurf Round Britain on Tuesday, 21 July 2015