We've got a cracking few deals for you in today's round-up... Ocean Elements have some last minute offers available. These holidays combine everything you could want from your summer break with sun, windsurfing coaching and equipment and much more for you, friends or the whole family.

A bit closer to home and during the National Watersports Festival the NWF team have announced an additional race for the top racers in the UK to represent their sponsors. It'll be interesting to see who finishes on top for this!


"The Chimet Industry Windsurfing Team Rider NWF Challenge Individual & Constructors Titles will take place, this is a series of windsurf races around the Chimet Tower each lap being 6 miles and each race consists of 2 laps. This will be a National Sponsored Team Rider invite only...Each importer is invited to nominate a team or teams with maximum of 4 riders. There will be a maximum of 3 races dependant on conditions.

"There will be prizes for individual winners male and female but also a industry constructors prize. To qualify for the constructors title you need to secure a team of 4 sailors."