It seems the UK pros have been busy of late, both home and abroad. You might think the pro riders are always off in windsurfing heaven, and some of them are, but a lot of them have to search out the best of the conditions here in the UK - just like us!

What do you think's better - home or away? Here we've got Proffitt and Mullen showing insane skill in non-perfect conditions (forward off-the-lip anyone?!) and then away in Maui Robby Swift charging with JP...

Ben Proffitt - Ripple Riding

Ripple riding #soloshot2Someone was asking me about the SOLOSHOT 2 ...well here is a very short clip to show it in action. Like i said in my previous post i forgot to press record so missed the best conditions and used up the battery but managed to film a few minutes of me RIPPLE riding at the end after I realised. Bugger.. but you get the idea.It actually worked really well on the roof of the van... but it was a problem to check it was recording!! If you have a sony camera though it won't be a problem. As you can control the stop/record from the tag which is super cool. I can do that on my Canon but the signal is only one way (2 ways on the sony) so if the signal misses from the tag to base... the tag tells you it's recording but the base isn't! Does that make sense?? haha.. confusing myself here!!

Posted by Ben Proffitt on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Robby Swift and Jason Polakow

Timo Mullen - Forward Off The Lip

Been a pretty windy end to spring here at home, little clip of a forward off the lip, bit blurry as my mum was videoing so i had to turn auto focus on and it preferred the scenery to me, i'm use to that :) Not my cleanest fwd off lip but one on video!!

Posted by Timo Mullen on Tuesday, 12 May 2015